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American Gods Discussion (SPOILERS)


I don’t know if this thread is necessary, but I’ll be watching. Starts in the US tonight, on Amazon in most of the rest of the world tomorrow.


Definitely. Looking forward to this.


If I’m still up at midnight I might check Amazon and see if it has gone live, if not I will definitely be watching some of it tomorrow night.

I nearly reread it in preparation but have quite a significant to read pile so decided against it.


I listened to the audiobook last week. I’d read it fifteen years ago, but didn’t remember that much of it.


It may well be my favourite book, certainly on of my favourites. I had great discussions with friends and colleagues who read it on my recommendation regarding Shadows racial identity.


Anyone else see it yet? I used my brother’s Amazon Prime Starz subscription.

It was fun.


Just finished. I thought it was brilliant. Easily the most gorgeous an impressive TV show I’ve seen, it’s a credit to Gaiman that the show holds up as being worthy of his legacy. the cast are all great, and the direction is top notch. I read the book a long time ago but I don’t remember any of it, so I’m utterly lost which is fantastic. I have a it of a concern that this’ll be the way most viewers will watch this - completely confused, but so long as you just sit back and enjoy the ride it looks like it’ll be a great series.

Between this, Legion and Preacher it’s an exciting time for ‘comic book’ adaptations. They’re becoming responsible for pushing the boundaries for what a TV show can be in the same way as the comic did when they first came out. After the big screen movies from the big two, and the generally lackluster and safe TV shows we’re hitting a true creative stride that’s pretty incredible. Hopefully TV continues to grow and push boundaries using some of the other titles in development right now. We’re in for a great few years.

And I’d say this guarantees Sandman is going to get a show. Finally.


I agree with everything except Preacher haha.

The acting was fantastic, and Fuller goes for a nice balance of camp while also never breaching the border into full on goofy. The silly look of the effects at points really keeps things from getting too horrific, but enticing enough to get the point across. I was worried about how they would play Low-Key, but he was my favorite part. All that that homespun prison wisdom was a delight.

And it seems like the pacing with regards to the book’s events is very tight. They’re not extending things too much, but also not rushing. They have enough to get a nice full season/series out of here. Gives me hope for Anansi Boys.


It was a good first episode. I think it would be accessible even if you haven’t read the novel, but they’re making sure you know it’s going to be weird, right from the start.


I just finished reading the book. I’m pretty pissed at myself for not reading it or knowing about until now because it was great. I was just in time for the premiere episode too. Pretty fun, solid first episode. A lot of blood. The scene with Bilquise just hammered home how weird this show is going to be. :laughing: Can’t wait for the next episode.


Good start to the series, I think. I don’t see it topping Game of Thrones, as their ads suggest, but it is a good placeholder while we wait for Season 7 of GoT.


It’s hard to see it really appealing very broadly and as a pilot, it hasn’t set up the primary conflict very well. In fact, it seems a bit more like the pilot for something like Supernatural where these characters are on a road trip and deal with a different monster each episode with an overarching story hanging in the background.

It reminds me of the approach both PREACHER and LEGION have taken where the opening episode establishes (to some extent) the main character, but not much of the main external conflict of the story. Personally, I’m just not a fan of that approach in television shows. Essentially making the series a 13 hour movie.


I don’t see how? A show like that would want you to know that’s what it is; a bunch of self contained monster hunts.

This, on the other hand, is a mystery. That’s what people unfamiliar with the plot will take from it, not answers, but questions. What is going on? What has Shadow got involved with? Who is Wednesday?

Cliffhanger endings are hardly new anyway. It kept the Republic serials in business for years. :slight_smile:


So… What the fuck did I just watch?

Quite the pilot. McShane is excellently creepy as Wednesday, Shadow’s good too and it certainly has one hell of a bar brawl.

You can see Gaiman’s touches on the story in the little asides, like ‘do not fuck with those airport bitches’.

Might let a few eps be done before I return to this as they’re drip-releasing it.


Interesting behind-the-scenes stuff, and some words on Anansi Boys.


Yeah, I’m not really enticed to find out what happens next all that soon. I’m actually more interested in the characters they teased in the promos (particular Stormare and Glover) than the main characters. Shadow is only slightly less of an aimless blank face in the show than in the novel, but Wednesday is something of a letdown. For me, the most interesting character in the pilot was Shadow’s cellmate (Lyesmith?). His brief appearances make a strong impression.

For me, the pilot did not seem to know what show it was, really. It’s tonally all over the place and a few times even felt like something Barry Sonnenfeld should be directing instead of David Slade. Out of all the series in this vein, I have to say I appreciate LUCIFER more for taking the far more straightforward format because the material itself already weird enough.


Finally got the chance to watch it. I had no doubt it would be great, the source material and people involved are absolute certs. I do think it will definitely be a case of wtf for many after the first episode, but it’s not like that wasn’t the case with much of early part of the book, too.

I’m interested to see how they deal with the mid-section, I kind of hope they time cheat and create a whole season around it.

Very impressed by how seamlessly it begun with vikings and ended with what was an essentially a straight up sci-fi scene. I’m very surprised the cliffhanger didn’t end on a shot of Laura standing there, covered in blood.

Also, I loved the Living Dead Guy ident at the end.


I’m with Jim on this, I enjoyed it a lot. I cannot for the life of me remember the book, so it is like coming in new. Let’s hope it keeps this level of quirkiness all the way through. No idea how they are trying to sell this though.

And I really love this section of the Vikings piece (note the sword) -


Loved it. Wish I hadn’t reread the book a couple weeks ago so that the dialogue and plot beats were fresh, but that’s my fault not the show’s. It stays close to the book but had more than enough visual inventiveness to keep me on my toes. Love how they’ve gone completely sci-fi with the Tech Kid (instead of having him be the embodiment of current tech like in the book).


I enjoyed the first episode a lot. I’m another who read the book a very long time ago now, so apart from knowing who people are in broad strokes, I don’t remember much about the story, or how the show differs from the book.

This was a good start anyway. It set everything up nicely, and McShane as Wednesday stole the show. He’s incredibly charismatic and watchable.