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Hey guys,

My name is Stu Perrins, I’m a British Comic Award nominated writer from the Uk and i’m looking for an artist/letter/inker for a new project. I did have someone lined up for this, but after months of going backwards and forwards the artist has jumped ship. Which is a bummer, but the show must go on.

The project is a three issue mini-series called ‘Amelia Brightside- The Miracle Child’ and the best way to pitch it is to say - ‘What would happen if James Bond was a 1890’s speed punk Audrey Hepburn?’. I would also describe the story as a cross between Hellboy, Penny Dreadful, 007 and The Goon. Although there is a strong horror element to the story I would like to emphasize that is a very ‘fun’ story and its something i’m not only extremely proud of but something which I think a lot of people would enjoy. All three issues are written and ready to go!

Unfortunately, I have zero budget for this, so I can’t offer payment upfront but what I can offer is 50% of all profits and copyrights, ect. So, if any of you talented lot are interested then please email me at with some samples.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Please check my samples on:


I cannot promise I will deliver one page per day :slight_smile: but I have a lot of creative energy to steam out:)