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Was anyone else just a complete NERD for the “Jurassic Park” books and movies (well, at least the first 2) back in the day?
Pre-internet, when I was just a teen, I would pore over the maps that were printed in the novels and even draw out my own with some slight improvements (spared no expense).
And then they came out with a Jurassic Park BUILDER videogame for my old PS2…bliss.

There were so many good scenes in the novels that I wish made it out into the films…I’m feeling the need to go back and re-read them.


I have only read the first book and then it was before the first movie came out…so over 20 years ago. I remember being a little disappointed by the movie when I saw it. Imagine that. Being disappointed by a film made by my favourite director (at the time). A film with dinosaurs.

I watched it a couple of years later, with the benefit of hindsight, and I love it.

I really enjoyed the book back in the day. I probably still have it in my bookshelf, so I might give it a try again at some stage to see if it holds up.

Have you seen the new movie? If so, what did you think?


I absolutely loved the original movie and it was one of my best cinema experiences as a kid - and one of the only times I’ve ever seen a UK audience spontaneously clap and cheer (during the part where the T-Rex rescues them from the 'raptors towards the end).

That music still gets me too. One of Williams’ finest moments.

I never read the original book, but I read the sequel, which I liked - and then ended up being disappointed that the second film didn’t live up to it.


I absolutely agree with you regarding the music.

I was at a concert of his music last year by the National Concert Orchestra and I realised how much of my childhood and adolescence was soundtracked by his music and how much of a visceral thrill I got when I heard things like the Raiders March or the Superman theme tune. And yes I did find myself involuntarily singing “Oh my God, it’s a dinosaur, a f****** dinosaur” when they did the bit from Jurassic Park.


I think Michael Giacchino’s score is one of the best things about the new film. It merges with the Williams themes really well and the newly composed tracks still feel like Joh did them himself.
It just feels right.


I like the book but it was hampered by Crichton showing off his research, which was extensive of course. I like the introduction as well, it’s basically an essay on the dangers of allowing powerful science to be funded purely by business. Corners will be cut and unprofitable (but still important) research will be sidelined.


Which, ironically, applies to character development in the movies as well.


One of the things I found endearing about the first movie was every time Attenborough said “spared no expense” it was about some superficial geegaw, and usually indicated an aspect where every dollar was shaved off with little thought to consequences, and hence the abject fear generated within the real scientists.

Crichton I like quite well, but he was not the finest writer. More of an idea guy, which actually is one of the best routes to screen adaptations!