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All Millarworld forum retailers getting Empress #1 tonight!


Oh, yes. A nice wee surprise for the members of our retailer forum.

We’re sending out Empress #1 for retailers to read inside the next 60 mins so stay by your inboxes. This is something we’re going to start doing on everything going forward so everyone gets an advance look at the issues they’re buying the weekend of FOC and a month before they hit stores.

Immonen. Quitely. Sean Murphy. Greg Capullo. Jae Lee.

What’s NOT to show off???



I suppose using stickies to put prices on all the issues in a longbox in my bedroom would not make me count as a “retail outlet”, would it?


The wee baby Seamus has caused a delay of this going out until tomorrow morning. He’s not sorry either, he had a meltdown that just had to happen and there was nothing to be done about it!!


Shouldn’t you be giving him whisky?