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Alan Moore's LOEG complete list needed!


Should be this week too according to Forbidden Planet.


Btw, Black Dossier still doesn’t have a digital edition, right?


It’s not on the Shaftesbury Avenue store shipping list or Orbital Comics either.

Edit: Gosh Comics say it’s out this week to add to the confusion.


They did but they did say they would run mostly independently under their ownership. We’ll see what branding it has when it eventually arrives, there’s nothing on the cover samples but even the IDW site tags it as ‘Top Shelf’.

How it’s distributed in catalogues may be different to the editorial team and branding.

Knockabout have the UK publishing rights and usually have them out at the same time.


I’m not really sure how IDW and Top Shelf work. From what I recall, they were going to keep Top Shelf as a separate imprint, sort of like Vertigo and Wildstorm at DC. I haven’t really bern paying attention to the solicitations, so I am unsure whether or not Top Shelf material is solicited and grouped with IDW, or if it’s still in the back of the Previews catalog. I would assume it would be solicited in the front with the rest of IDW since the front of the catalog is always better. Regardless of whatever arrangement they have, they’d be insane not to put LOEG in the front of Previews with the rest of the IDW listings.


I’m the same to be honest Jason. When it was announced IDW were buying them they said they’d be run as they were within the IDW group and I haven’t taken great notice as to how much they’ve integrated or branded.

It makes sense to solicit though to get to the front of the catalogue and a higher profile.

At Dell they bought a gaming PC company called Alienware and that department operated autonomously but they got the benefit of the extra exposure from having their kit advertised on the Dell website and in their newspaper ads.


I just realized a new issue comes out tomorrow and they’re back to the floppy format?

I guess I’ll wait for the trade but I wish they’d stick with one format.


Yeah, they’ve gone through a lot of formats over the years - floppy, OGN/sourcebook, short softback ‘albums’, back to hardback OGNs, and now back to floppies.