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Alan Moore's LOEG complete list needed!


Is there a definitive list? I can never remember what I have and what I don’t, the two big six parters being easy enough, the black dossier and then is it two trilogies (century and the other one)?
Worried I’m missing something!!


Yeah, it’s the century trilogy and then the Nemo trilogy, with Captain Nemo’s daughter.


And obviously the Tempest is out in June.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume I, collects vol 1 #1–6

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II, collects vol 2 #1–6

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Black Dossier

Century 1910 paperback: ISBN 978-1-60309-000-1 (May 2009)
Century 1969 paperback: ISBN 978-1-60309-006-3 (July 2011)
Century 2009 paperback: ISBN 978-1-60309-007-0 (June 2012)

Nemo: Heart of Ice (hardcover) ISBN 978-1603092746 (March 2013)
Nemo: The Roses of Berlin (hardcover) ISBN 978-0861662302 (March 2014)
Nemo: River of Ghosts (hardcover) ISBN 978-0861662333 (March 2015)

Tempest is the final series, out next month.


I love the Nemo books.


I need to finsih reading the Nemo books, actually. I got them and Century in a Humble Bundle ages ago


Read them in chronological order for maximum effect. I did that the other month and felt it really helped buff out the lack of story in Century.


Whew. I’m up to date then. Kinda hoping I wasn’t so I had a new one to read, but NEXT MONTH!!!


I only got Black Dossier last year, and rereading Century 1969 with the additional context of the Dossier made a lot more sense.


Even then, Century loses points from me for being a simple story stretched needlessly through 99 years. The huge time skips make it lose a lot of momentum, and reading the Nemo Trilogy inside that timeline really helps give spurts of adventure and world building.


Although all the books are interesting, the Black Dossier is less so, but it works (for me) as part of the whole thing (probably an obvious statement).

I like the Century books as well, but the ‘Nemo’ ones are (again, for me) as good as the first two arcs, while still being very distinctive.


Yeah, they tell such a fun story - and playing around with Adenoid Hynkel to the full hilt of German/WWII-influenced storytelling is simply fantastic.

Only nitpick would have been if the German had actually been the Double-Deutsch that Chaplin spoke in the movie. But ah, well.


Black Dossier was very much Moore saying “I’m really clever”, but with the advantage of his actually being clever, so it was always a fascinating experiment in form, even when the events in the individual stories were sometimes lacking.

And I can’t dislike a comic with a Newspeak Tijuana bible in it.

I’m slightly embarassed at how long it took me to recognise that reference, I think it was during Orlando’s life story that the penny dropped.


I enjoy Black Dossier much more for what it represents than really as it stands. I love how boldly it tries to commandeer this intentionally patchwork world. I don’t think all of it works, but during my Chronological re-read I did remain rather impressed with how well Moore seeded stuff for future and past plots into those back-catalogs that Dossier was comprised of…

And I love Orlando’s story. I know the character was been “too much” for other fans I’ve spoken with but I just find them so entertaining. The “I AM A GOD! I NEVER DIE!” panel in Century: 2009 is a pinnacle of black humor while also being a weighty character moment.


You get Jerusalem yet?


I see the first issue of Tempest is shipping to the US stores this week. Also now coming out through IDW and not Top Shelf as originally announced. Anyone know when the UK might be seeing it?


Been wanting to pick this up ,but when I come in late on a comic i tend not to 'cause i always feel like I’m missing something or I’m reading it out of order. Since there’s a list (that lists is in chronological order right?) up I can get on that & not have that feeling. Thanks!


IDW bought Top Shelf a couple of years ago.


Yep, it goes v1 -> v2 -> Black Dossier -> Century -> Nemo Trilogy


Yep, you are missing the movie adaptation…

(really late with this, but couldn’t resist :wink: )