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Alan Moore launches a kickstarter: Cinema Purgatorio Anthology


This ongoing monthly series will feature Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill in every issue and is their first major new project together since League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! They take a trip through the dark recesses of cinema, the people behind it, the damage it has done, and the story of one woman forced to bare her soul, one short film at a time. Every issue and every story is radically different yet all weaved into one tapestry of breathtaking complexity as only Alan Moore could do.

We also launch with long-term commitments from:

  • Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Calero on Modded - a dystopian future where enhanced monsters and daemons are pitted against each other, with a goal of catching them all!
  • Garth Ennis and Raulo Caceres continue Code Pru - the two issue series leads directly into the ongoing tale of the night shift FDNY paramedic Pru as she learns about the beastly NY City underworld… and how to offer them medical assistance!
  • Christos Gage and Gabriel Andrade bring a new kind of giant monster story to life with The Vast! A war that humanity is losing seems never ending. Until one woman discovers a monster that will fight to protect her!
  • Max Brooks (World War Z) and Michael DiPascale bring Max’s heavily-researched and period-authentic story of the Civil War to life in A More Perfect Union. But this time, the South has been invaded by Giant Insects! Written as only Max Brooks can, taking no detail for granted and treating everything realistically.

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Sounds interesting!


Thanks for putting this up.

I’ve never been interested in backing a kickstarter project before - there’s just too much to choose from out there already. But this one has my interest (and my money).


Thanks, Eduardo. Never even heard of this, and almost missed out on the exclusive rewards!

Alan Moore now has all my money :slightly_smiling:


What did you opt for, if you dont mind my asking David?


Alan Moore on the “dark recesses of the film industry” sounds like every interview he’s ever given.


His may be autobiographical stories.


$9,100 is a weirdly specific goal.

The Kickstarter mostly seems to be a publicity thing? They’re planning on releasing the series starting in May anyway, so it’s not like it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t met their goal.

The special editions sound nice, but I can’t afford that kind of international shipping. I’ll try the Comixology edition of #1, and might get it in print when it’s in shops.


Same. It’s a shame really. I could probably drive to Northampton and get Alan Moore to sign it for less than that. :slight_smile:


Yep, the $20 shipping means I’m passing on it too. Sounds interesting though.


Yeah they say the first issue PDF will be delivered in April which would mean it must be already finished or nearly there. I doubt Avatar are that wealthy though so they’ve found a way to get some extra income, it has hammered through the goal at $35k so far so I think I’ll skip it and buy the issues when they come out.

The writing lineup is great (a pity that apart from O’Neill it looks like typical Avatar art).


Well, obviously not the digital version :wink:

I’ve gone for the hardcover and also the Providence hardcover, because that was on my to-get list anyway so seemed as good a time as any.

I didn’t bother with signed editions or anything. That’s not really a big deal for me. If I can get something signed as a memento of something (e.g. meeting the person), that’s great, but I won’t pay more just for a signature without a memory behind it, if you see what I mean.


Yeah, i know what you mean.

I can make my mind up. I nearly went for the one with the 9.8 copy of providence, but it’s crazy money.

I have the singles of Providence already and i reckon id buy a hardcover collection of all 12 issues when it is done, so im thinking i just go for the deluxe hardcover of the first issue and save myself some money.

Is this anthology going to be a larger format, both in page size and number of pages than we are used to, anyone know?


The kickstarter mentions that the deluxe hardcover of issue #1 is 64 pages long and includes 16 additional pages not in the regular edition. So if my maths skills aren’t failing me, the regular book will be 48 pages.


Don’t know about dimensions but the number of pages looks to be. They say the 64 page hardcover has 16 extra pages than the normal edition, which my faltering maths tells me means it should be 48 pages. It’s also in black and white.

Edit: Dave and I in ‘great minds think alike’ situation. :smile:


Thanks gents.

I do remember reading that, come to think of it.

Black and white suits me to a tee as well, if they are going for this EC type vibe then it’s got to be black & white. Save them paying 4 colourists as well.


I’m hoping the money they say will help towards ‘top creators’ will bring in some higher grade artists down the line.

The problem is though I’m sure the head of Avatar likes that style and thinks its great because all their books look almost alike and I can’t imagine you’d have a shortage of artists wanting to work with Moore, Ennis, Gillen etc.

Even with shorter stories I can’t see Kev O’Neill keeping up an ongoing book as they say it will be.


That’s a good point. I don’t have the singles but I may regret this purchase when the “omnibus” comes out.