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Alan Davis imitators - Who are they?


Talking with a pal about how Alan Davis is the unsung hero of comics.

His art is such a huge influence on so many people, but he’s never directly referenced like Kirby or Adams or Jim Lee.

Who would you say has a style that owes a lot to Mr Davis? Note: Anyone saying Hitchy beyond his early work is wrong. Hitch’s style for 20 years has been the modern version of Don Newton, with a little Adams and Garcia Lopez thrown in for good measure. Post 90s I’ve seen nothing in Hitchy’s style at all that comes from Alan.



Some of Bart Sears’ line work seems similar but his anatomy is much more exaggerated.

Dave Cockrum is similar but he pre-dates Davis, doesn’t he?

Early @bryanhitch is the only one that really comes to my mind as a direct comparison but as you said that faded pretty quickly.

Any 2000AD artists that never really crossed over?


Bryan and I are also big Jim Aparo fans.

The thing is about Alan Davis that it seems y’all Brits and such got to see his work much earlier than most Americans. I think it’s just different markets and the artists that each feature. I didn’t know Carlos Ezquerra until I bought a trade a couple years back, and became a big fan. I think the first time I saw Alan’s work was a Captain Britain reprint - and that seems to be around the time you were doing Captain Spain and such. (Darned associational memory! Works well, but lousy for linear sequencing!)


IMO without a doubt the biggest modern artist influenced by Alan Davis is the masterful Ivan Reis. From the clean, slick anatomy and fluid line work style to the way he can draw multiple characters in a single scene. His work on Geoff Johns’ seminal Green Lantern run is already legendary.


Ivan Reis! That’s the one I was trying to think of.


Great call with Reis, one of my favorite modern artists for a reason.


If we were to call anyone the modern Davis it would be him, I think.


thats the problem,most Davis emulators later evolve to other styles with the exception of Reis and in my opinion,Nobody can really do Davis like Davis most just Borrow features that appeal to if im permitted i would cite:
Early Hitch
early pacheco
early Joe Mad


@Mark_Millar i will look out for Authur Adams in Hitchys style.
Alan’s women are the most credible ive seen in comics,i failed miserably at drawing women till
i started paying attention to alans.
God knows how many copies of Clandestine issue #1 ive bought in this lifetime


Maybe Mark Bagley?


I think he was probably referring to Neal Adams, but I always have felt that Arthur Adams and Alan Davis, for me, carried some similar appeal.


I would have said that there was some Davis in Hitch’s style up until the mid-2000s, with Ultimates as the demarcation point where he left it behind. There’s a lot of very Davis faces in The Authority.

Also, his early, early work - like Action Force and Transformers early isn’t very Davis influenced. There’s more Geoff Senior in how angular his human faces were back then. especially in Action Force.


In addition to those mentioned:

Paul Pelletier.


Yes Pelletier is very Alan Davis:

Early Trevor Hairsine too although he moved more to like modern Hitch and has changed style again since then.


Not that much earlier, he did a couple of things for 2000ad (Harry 20 and DR and Quinch), Captain Britain and Marvelman were running concurrently and then DC snapped him up for Batman and the Outsiders in 1985.


I see a bit of Davis in Chris Sprouse’s work. He also pays a lot of attention to posture, although his work’s a bit more rigid than Davis’s.


I see some of it (Or at least Bryan´s) in the new penciler of “Iron Fist”:
Mike Perkins.

Off the topic: Check te new Iron fist series, it´s everything the Netflix series should have been.


However, it is an important point that there is more to any artist’s influence than simply the way they draw. For example, I don’t think Ivan Reis draws like Alan Davis but that the flow of his layout - the way he portrays action - is definitely influenced by Davis and other artists (many from the UK) of the 80’s-90’s era.

You can see some of the same sort of “action between the panels” approach in many artists, but Davis did it very well.

Another artist who gave me the feeling of Alan Davis on eXcalibur was John Cassady on Astonishing X-Men.

It isn’t so much how the images are drawn, but how the action flows.


I believe John Cassaday has some of Davis, and Hitch too, but in their first days, now they have their own imprint


Now i get it,Neal Adams Realism.Similar,true