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AICN dissects Millarworld movie master-plan!




Is Kingsman going to beat Wanted’s take?

$295m so far and opens in China on the weekend.


I think so. We’re on 4000 screens in China (America rarely goes over about 2900) so I’d guess our haul will be 40 mill plus and we’ve only just opened in Germany, etc. Still pulling in almost 5 mill a week in the States too and approaching 40 mill in S Korea, which is just nuts. On track to be their most-seen movie of all time, according to an exec I talked to over the weekend.

I reckon we’ll hit upwards of 350 mill with this one, which is crazy for a non-sequel R-rated movie. Starlight and Chrononauts I think will go over 500 mill as the talent being discussed is enormous and they’ll both be 4-quad pictures anyone can see.



Mark with the success of Kingsman graphic novel and film all over the world a peritoneal sequel could be even bigger for you it could be your Empire Strikes Back


Would you be traveling to South Korea soon, Mark? I bet you would be huge in a way only imagined at tiny gatherings like SDCC. You be a rock star, boy, even if you don’t play no guitar!