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Adam West dies at 88


Sort of proof that West could have played a more serious Batman:




Batman and Mayor of Quahog…RIP


And the Gray Ghost!



He was and always will be my Batman.





I loved his Batman movie as a kid. Only saw a handful of the actual show since it was well before my time, but the movie was on constantly in my house. He’ll be missed, but he’ll live on too.


I think the show was before most of our times (okay maybe not Miqque and Jerry) but in the UK at least the thing was on perpetual repeats. Star Trek was similar, finished before I was born but on TV all the time in the 1980s.


Yeah Batman and the Monkees were on right when I got home from school for a few years there. I loved both of them, in fact was obsessed with the Monkees.


Yep, I used to watch it on Channel 4 in the early evenings.


I watched the Monkees too, 15 years or so after it was all made, although it didn’t quite get the play that Batman and Star Trek did.

It’s a testament actually to the appeal of those shows, we had 3 channels and a 4th one launched when I was 9. 80% or more of that content was British originated shows, there wasn’t that much room in the schedules for them, but those 60s shows carried on being shown with a lot of regularity.


Yeah, The Brady Bunch was on a lot when I was a kid too.


[quote=“garjones, post:31, topic:10154, full:true”]
I think the show was before most of our times (okay maybe not Miqque and Jerry)
[/quote]Yeah, I remember watching the show (twice a week!!) and being thoroughly enthralled. The camp, tongue-in-cheek dialogue, and over-the-top villains are obvious now, but as an adolescent I just thought it was the coolest and most dramatic show on television – along with Lost In Space, of course.


UPN used to play the Monkees, Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Bewitched, and I Dream of Genie in the morning when I was a kid, so I’ve seen a lot of those. No Batman, though. :frowning: I’ve only seen the movie, which was fun. I know Adam West mainly from his appearances lampooning/paying homage to his role. He always seemed like a funny guy. I loved his guest appearances on The Simpsons and 30 Rock.


Two episodes of Batman on every Saturday night on MeTV, right after Svengoolie. (Which is after Star Trek which is after Wonder Woman.)


Oh sure, I caught the show occasionally on reruns. I just never noticed it on as much as things like the Brady Bunch, but I had a VHS copy of the movie.


Much love for this guy. R.I.P…