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Adam West dies at 88


That’s MY Batman!

Thanks for the happy childhood memories, Adam.


please say it ain’t true


It is:

He was MY Batman.

I loved him as Mayor Adam West on Family Guy.

He will be missed.



mine too!
God bless that man and all the joy he brought to us kids!
RIP you amazing man!


For those who have never seen it:


Oh no. Mark will be devastated.


not just Mark…like many of us, i’m in pieces



One of my absolute enduring memories from childhood will be the Batman TV show. I had the ‘movie’ on betamax and replayed it until the tape was ropey and I remember my first real 'nerd/geek anger came from the shows being shown out of order, knowledge gained from my episode guide in Look-In magazine, and Saturday morning UK TV even dropping some episodes because they had less well known villains. West’s voice, his confidence, his demeanour, his Batman - to me, as a young boy - shaped how I thought heroes should always be. While he wasn’t the cartoon Batman I grew to feel was mine, he was my first, and your first Batman is always something incredibly special.

RIP Master West


Ah, what a shame. Everyone in my household is sad about this. His Batman is still entertaining viewers generations later. My kids asked if the news meant they wouldn’t be able to make any more of the Batman TV show. :frowning:

I’ve always thought of him and Roger Moore as very similar characters - classy gents of the old school who weren’t afraid to laugh at themselves to entertain others - so to lose both so close to each other feels like a sad coincidence.



As the story goes, when the Batman producer was developing the show and saw this ad, he knew he had his leading man.

EDIT: It’s pretty funny that an ad for chocolate milk opens with “I can see automation displaces labor at your organization, too.”


I wish I could find a clip of his short bit on 30 Rock.

Because he was really a funny, down to Earth, man, and he remained so.
Rest in Peace, Mr. West.


On top of everything else, there was that voice. Instantly recognizable!

And a damned good run!


He will forever be a legend.



Loved how silly he was on Family Guy.


Man, the world just grew a little dimmer.

Rest in Peace, Adam.


True legend, icon and gentleman. RIP Adam.


Damn that’s really sad news to hear.

What a character; the world is a far less interesting place without him in it.