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Action Comics #1000: What should DC do?


The milestone event is getting closer. Who should be given the honor to make a contribution to it?

IMO it should be like the epic Superman #400 but bigger! :smiley:


Full stories (writing, pencils, inks, coloring, letters) by all living creators in huge awesome Absolute binding. Free to any fan who can prove they know 1,000 elements (story, dates, editors, publishers, and so forth). Ties go to the fan.


I think they should use it as an opportunity to reboot the DCU continuity, they haven’t done that for a while.


Actually they’re preparing another reboot :slight_smile:


Bring back the underwear!


And end this “Superman is a complete stranger from another universe” stuff. It’s a bad status quo.


I do think Mark Waid and Eliott Maggin should be given the chance to contribute to the issue. Even though Waid isn’t on good terms with DC and I don’t know if Maggin would be willing to write another comic.


Here’s a radical notion - they should hire a little known, currently unpublished Irish writer (edit: with the initials SJ) to write an epic oversized oneshot issue.

And obviously they should pay George Perez whatever he wants to do the art.


The stories they’re telling with this status quo are pretty great though. Better than Superman has been in years.


You know I have the same opinion and this is probably the most I’ve been enojying Superman in years. But that doesn’t take away the fact that IT IS a bad status quo. Superman taking the place of another guy and being a complete stranger for everyone seems wrong to me :frowning:


They could KILL SUPERMAN !! That would be a major event!


Too bad they already did it.

This year.


Gotta wait another 20 years.



They should only release 1,000 copies worldwide, digital and print. Only of the floppy mind you, any trade or omnibus it would be part of is completely different.

It should be hosted by Mr.Mxyzptlk and feature a game of 100,000 pyramid with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, playing to free their souls from the fifth dimension. They would have become trapped in there in the first page, realizing that they’ve relived the same adventure over again.

Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne would answer questions pertaining to Action Comics history with flashback short comics, acting as cover stories from past eras of comics. The final question that frees them would be the obvious answer of saying their host’s name backwards.

Returning things to normal.


Wait-- You are are lying to me
I was kidding!


They should make sure it ships on time.

I’m thinking a “whatever happened to the man who has everything” story by Alan Moore.


I’m pretty sure it will ship on Wednesday April 18th 2018, 80 years to the day of Action Comics #1.
Pretty cool when you think about it.


But what if Stuart Jenkins doesn’t want to do it?


They should renumber. New issue ones always give a nice easy boost in sales.


Mark Waid maybe?


At some point in the next 2 I’m going to take 3 months off work and write my dream Superman story. I really like Dan Didio and he and I have been chatting informally about doing something. This could be the perfect place for it.