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ABSOLUTE POWER! (artist wanted)


Hey guys,

My name is Stu Perrins, I’m a British Comic Award nominated writer from the UK and i’m looking for a artist/letter/inker for a new project.

The project is a 22 page one shot called ‘Absolute Power’ and tells of a special ops team’s mission to kidnap a Russian created super soldier. It’s action packed, but not brainless and there’s tones of other worldliness and super-heroics throughout the story, so it’s very much a mish mash of styles and genres. It’s sort of a cross between Blade Runner, Judge Dredd and James Bond, (if that doesn’t sound to arrogant.) Not that it’s all action as there is a fairly emotional story underneath it all.

Unfortunately, I have zero budget for this, so I can’t offer payment upfront but what I can offer is 50% of all profits and copyrights, ect. So, if any of you talented lot are interested then please email me at with some samples.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Hey, You ever find someone to follow up this project? Contact me… Willing to help…