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A thread on storytelling...

Bond, Spider-Man and Batman have all done fine with recast leads.

In certain stories the storyteller holds other factors constant. For example, most of the X-men stories had Magneto attacking and only the X-Men show up, not the Avengers or FF. In Earth 2 when the Crime Syndicate attacked Washington, only Aquaman and Jonzz showed up. Where was everyone else from the DC heroes?

In Miller’s original DKR he focused on Bats coming out of retirement, Supes was still around with the government, Oliver was disabled, but everyone else was retired or left. Waid’s Kingdom Come deliberately has Jonn mentally out of it to focus on Supes and Marvel confrontation in the end. The Superman movies had Nonn as a dumb mute so the focus would be on Ursa and Zod.

I could go on but my point is it has to be done but in some instances it comes across as too convenient.

I think those instances are just a part of storytelling. I recall an issue of Uncanny X-Men from the 1980s in which the “big guns” of the team were away when Juggernaut suddenly attacked Xavier’s school, and basically only the B team (Dazzler, Longshot, Rogue and Betsy Braddock) was available to fight and ultimately defeat him. You could say it was “too convenient” that the other team members weren’t around, but the point of Claremont’s story was to focus on the “weaker” players, and show how they work as a team to take down a stronger adversary. That fact that the issue still resonates with me today is an indication of how much I loved that stand-alone story.

This is the one:


^ I remember that issue, too. And that awesome Art Adams cover!

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You are mixing it up a little. A few months earlier in #213 Sabretooth attacked the school and Betsy had to tackle him more or less on her own.
That issue with Juggernaut tackling the new post Mutant Massacre team was set in Scotland.

Imho, Miller did the right thing by holding the rest of the DCU constant on DKR. When he brought them in on DKSA…

HEY!! Aren’t you supposed to be in Brazil or something?!


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They have the internet in many places.

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Lots of other DCU stuff is changed in the original DKR. Superman and Green Arrow in particular.

He said that the heroes broke up over time and Supes chose to serve the country. That was really Miller holding the other heroes constant as he focused on Bats coming out again. That was primarily my point.

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