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A thread for Dinosaurs


And, thanks to Amazon Prime, so will my daughter at some stage tomorrow!


And with people buying dinosaur books for their young ones, I hereby declare this thread a success.



Educational, me thinks


@EmmaSayle and @Bruce

I really have to know where that story is going. Is the Dinosaur okay? Who is that guy? And the planet…

Can one (or both) of you please tell me the story? I need to know. Badly.

Please, use spoiler tags as to not spoil anyone who wants to wait until their copy arrives.


This is a favourite book in our house. I see the dinosaur as Galactus.

But with more shitting.


Used to have a copy of this:

Wonder if I still have it.


Haha. Reminds me of Triceracop in Kung Fury. :smiley:



So a Reverse-Galactus? Galactus eats planets, this dino shits them out. We need a death match: Can the Dino poop out planets faster then Galactus can eat them?