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A thread for Dinosaurs



We all love them, and if we don’t; We just haven’t grown into it yet.

The word Dinosaur comes from latin, Dino meaning Terrible and Saur meaning Lizard. Terrible Lizards.

But they are, in fact, not lizards. They are not even closely related! And they’re not terrible either. Just look at this cute little bugger:

Birds, however, are most definitely dinosaurs. At least in a taxonomical sense. And fossil fuels may or may not maybe possibly definitely not be made from dinosaurs. But probably not, albeit likely so. To some extent? I don’t know, I’m not a petroleum tycoon.

I don’t know if there is a genuine need for this thread, but here is a place where we can post articles, pictures, videos, whatnots and discuss all things dinosaur.

I don’t know where we could start a genuine discussion, but here is a video I enjoyed!

Here is another



Are Dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

Bible Verses About Dinosaurs


That first article really grabbed me with the Comic Sans headline. :smiley:

From the article;

The Paluxy River in Texas is the home of Dinosaur National Park with hundreds of fossil dinosaur tracks. Right beside the dinosaur tracks are three sets of human fossil footprints and a large cat track. The most famous track is the Taylor Trail which consists of a series of 14 footprints in a left-right pattern. The stride and foot length is consistent throughout. The evidence is so convincing that several university students recently presented with all the data accepted that the human footprints were real, but doubted the dinosaur footprints were real. All the fossil footprints in the Park are genuine. No informed person would ever suggest that the human footprints were carved as was irresponsibly rumored 50 years ago. It is clear that man and dinosaur lived together and co-existed at the same time. With this, both science and the Bible agree!

Correct me if I’m wroing, but hasn’t this footprint thing been proved to be a hoax?


See my post in the Pictures thread: G-d created worlds before our world. One of them featured Dinosaurs evolving from Archosaurs and then Dinosaurs evolving into birds. Simple.


If it was simple, everyone would do it.


I had high hopes for this thread and it’s already delivering.


You and me both, brother.


Also, while creating the thread (more specifically after writing the first sentence), the board gave me this gem and thus also some commentary on modern day politics.


That reminds me of the time during when the Second Gulf War started, I saw a tabloid headline saying, I Sh*t you not, that Hussein’s WMD’s were in fact, cloned dinos, Jurassic Park style.


Things like that could’ve made me join the army…




Where do I sign up?

I remember watching that cartoon when I was a kid. Man, I loved it. I think I even had some of the toys. What was his name, Krulon? The toady monster guy.




Oh goodie!



I really love Scishow for their content and style. It’s a great channel, and while I don’t like Caitlin Hofmeister as a host, the content is still solid! All these are hosted by Hank Green and Olivia Gordon though, and they are quite topical. I especially recommend the last one.


This is my new favourite thread…





So… this ISN’T the grumpy old man thread renamed? :confused: