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A special Millar Marvel or DC project next year?


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I know that the prospect of Millar and Hitch on Superman has classic-potential written all over it. Is it wrong of me to hope that if a Millar Superman project does happen, it happens with Carlos Pacheco? I just re-read Avengers Forever a few months ago, and my god, I think Pacheco might be the most under-utilized “name” artist in the industry. When he’s on, he’s ON. I know he and Millar worked together on six issues of his return to the Ultimate line, so they have already got some level of experience with one another… so I may be in the minority, but I’d looove to see them take on Superman.


Maybe back 8 years when Hitch was in his prime.
A place where Millar is still currently.

I wouldn’t mind someone else.
Cassaday’s not a bad option.


Ok, I’m down with Pacheco.

Cassaday, Pacheco, Hitch, and Jim Lee.
6 issues each. That’s a year each on Superman and Justice League (yet I still want more…).


I have a real feeling for who I want on this Superman project if that’s what I end up doing. Not someone who’s been mentioned above, but one you all know. Not the obvious choice, but I have an eye for these things :slight_smile:



I’ll buy it no matter what. Would love to hear more. Curious who your choice on art world be.


Quoted for Truth!


Goran Parlov would be interesting.

But I’m a huge fan of Starlight, so I’m biased.


This is a really really interesting perspective. Forever fiction has killed off the parents for the heroes so they can become independent, but you’re right that the role of parents has changed and that many folks will end up hitting retirement with their parents still alive. The concept of the parent is changing.

Really the hero just has to take a lead role in the family and take care of their mother or father. I’ve never liked that fictional heroes are unencumbered - no wife, no parents, no kids. I think it makes for shallower heroes not facing the level of drama they could. It’s interesting that the template could change to meet the changing world (plus there’s a global dynamic of family being much more involved in developing nations compared to Western nations, so global stories would probably benefit from a supporting cast of family).


Hi everybody.

I’d buy Mark’s Superman. But I’d buy two or three copies more if there was a particularly well-done depiction of Metropolis. In the comic books, it has always been a relatively generic place, and not as well-characterized as Gotham or other fictional cities.

To be 100% honest, personally speaking I’d love a cyberpunk/dieselpunk depiction of Metropolis - something between Blade Runner and Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow. It would make the presence of robots and the recurrent “science gone crazy”/“power to the people” (which defined Golden Age Superman) themes way more plausible - not an entirely fictional place as in Star Trek, but rather a city which suffers from “future shock” and needs a return to humanism, personified by Superman. As in Fritz Lang’s original Metropolis.


Ronnie’s notion really is fascinating. I wonder if it’s something that’s going to blend in. My big problem with the parents being alive is that it diminishes the hero. Suddenly, he’s junior, which is why I didn’t like the third Indy film. I think it’s very reductive. Parents tended to pass when children were in their thirties in the past, but the target demo for a Disney pic is more like seven and I think the mythology of this works better if THE WORST THING A CHILD CAN IMAGINE is what happens and they’re alone. It’s why Simba and Batman and Superman and Anna and Elsa all feel in danger and we’re joining them in triumph when they rise above the worst situation we can imagine. It’s very grand and timeless and operatic.

I think Superman surrounded by family totally messes with the character’s roots. Loneliness is in his DNA just as Batman would be weird with Bruce Wayne hanging out with his parents. He lost his entire world. He lives in a Fortress of Solitude. He only has friends when he dresses up and pretends to be something else. There’s something gigantic and poetic about this and it’s smashed with the post Crisis version, which is why I’ve never loved it since. I think you can create a new character like Superior and surround him with family just as Kick-Ass is the modern Spider-Man, but for that actual character I think giving Superman friends means he doesn’t need to be Clark Kent. The JLA are the closest things to a family he should have around him, but these guys getting together should feel more formal and more like a meeting.



That’s so terribly lonely though. Doesn’t Superman have anyone he can be himself with?


I think loneliness is integral to Superman. There’s got to be a little sadness there, but nobody should ever see it. Losing your entire planet makes him a very grand figure.It’s obviously got to have a huge sense of fun to it, but all this should be in the back of your mind as you’re writing him otherwise you’re writing Peter Parker coming home and enjoying his wheat-cakes with Aunt May. You’re doing him wrong, which is why the comics very very very rarely feel like the real Superman.

Lois and Clark is the ultimate example of doing it wrong I think. It’s well intentioned and will be a fond memory for anyone who was young enough to be into it, but it basically strips away absolutely anything that makes the character work. It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of Superman.



Could I ask if this 6-issue Superman project is related to the Superman OGN based on Mark’s and Matthew Vaughan’s proposed movie trilogy?


Yeah - it’s a great take. My only problem is it is that there’s an idea that he’s disingenuous when he’s playing Clark, and his relationship with Lois is disingenuous. But, as you said, he loves Clark, so it’s not as much about being disingenuous as it is about presenting a ‘loved self’.

It strikes me that Supergirl would be the person he’d be able to relate to the most, and share the most with.


There’s no derision in his treatment of Clark. He loves Clark and Clark really, totally loves Lois.

That’s what’s magical about this relationship and special. There’s nothing else like it in fiction. It’s like a Goddard thing. It’s a really sophisticated relationship for what’s essentially a children’s idea.



Matthew and I never really put a plan together. We heard Superman was becoming available and I told Matthew I had a three movie idea which was a new take on the origin, Darkseid, etc, and it was really good, but didn’t put a plot together as I thought it very unlikely to happen and didn’t waste time. Matthew called WB and they said they had other plans (which was Man of Steel), but nobody knows what I had in mind beyond what I’ve said in public. Most of it wouldn’t work now as origin been redone and my take on Phantom Zone would be moot since we’ve recently seen all that too.Plus they’re using Darkseid. I’d use elements of my idea though. Probably the very broad structure, but I’d use lot more Luthor in my comic version. As you’ll have seen from Red Son I love Luthor. He’s also chronically mis-portrayed.



Thank you for your answer. To be fair, my reference to the movie trilogy was a bit imprecise - what I really had in mind was the 200-page OGN which was mentioned here:

What I am personally craving for is a Superman story which would include all of the fundamental elements of Superman lore, from Metropolis to Brainiac, to Zod to Luthor, in an exciting, “definitive” way. The standalone story which anyone could buy and say “this is everything I need to know about this character and his universe”.


I’ve got lots of notes for Superman, drawings, etc, but never had a formalised pitch for the movie. Just a rough idea. But like I said, most of my notes would actually be better for a comic than a movie as different versions of what I wanted to do have already been done in the movies now and it would just be a bit repetitive.



So, can I ask, in your mind does he “turn into” Clark in the same way that Banner becomes Hulk? Like, does Superman alter his thoughts and emotions to become Clark?

Just trying to get my head around this.