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A special Millar Marvel or DC project next year?


Hello Mr. Millar!

I’m a long time lurker and an even longer time fan. I just wanted to know if any of your creator owned work has influenced your taken on Superman? So like, has doing Huck or Jupiter’s Legacy given you a new way into the character and his world?


No, just time. My ideas evolve every day. What I’d have done 5 years ago v different from 10 years ago and that’s v different from 5 years before. It’s got to feel fresh and current and what I want to see from a character now. I’d jettison lots of stuff that’s been covered in other books and movies. The take I have at the moment is very, very different from what we’ve seen in three quarters of a century, but very in-keeping.



Such a tease. :wink:


Thank for the reply Mr. Millar.

Add me to the list of people who want the first book to be Superman.


'm excited by this but only if you promise to come back to Millarworld and not be seduced by them . Don’t get me wrong I love lots of your work for the big two but a world where you had never left and given us Superior, Nemesis or Jupiter’s Legacy would be a poorer one for it.


I totally agree. I don’t think we have to worry about Mark being gone too long. Millarworld is where his heart is.


Oh God. Don’t worry. If I do something it’ll be six issues long and a one-off project over the next 3 years. I’ve got Millarworld planned out until 2020.


PS My heart says DC and Superman for this special project when it happens btw.


Last time you said it was seven issues with the first one being extra sized :’(

I have to admit I’m curious about the Marvel thing but Superman is Superman and it needs to exist.


You’re heart tells you the truth. :wink:


This is SO exciting.


Quoted for truth.


Is it still possible for this to happen with the Netflix buying Millarworld? Are you contractually obligated to only work on Netflix/Millarworld comics? Both these projects sound amazing but, I LOVE BRAND NEW CHARACTERS too! Alan Moore said each generation desserves it’s own heroes. And Millarworld has given my generation most of ours. Thank you sir.