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A special Millar Marvel or DC project next year?


So I woke up on Friday with an amazing idea for a big DC project. Not surprisingly, it’s a Superman epic and it all kind of just clicked with me, an idea I’d had in my head for the last five years and which finally came together somewhere between closing my eyes on Thursday night and eating my Porridge on Friday morning.

At the same time, I’ve been talking to my old pals at Marvel about doing something for the last eighteen months. Last month I came up with the perfect project. Like the Superman story, it’s just six issues long, but would be a major work and something that scratches a fanboy itch. A thing to be ticked off my bucket-list before I get into all the sequels I’ve been plotting from Starlight to Superior to Huck and all the others.

The only downside is that I only have 12 weeks set aside at the end of the year to do ONE special project for one of the Big 2 as the artists are ready on all my Millarworld sequels immediately after. It’ll actually be a lovely change of pace as I finish off phase one of my creator-owned books, the final script for the Capullo project wrapping up tomorrow and the big Romita Jr project written between now and October. This will be my one and only WFH project for the next couple of years and both have me ACHING to get into them, both just really exciting to me.

Both companies are also into it so one way or another these two stories will get done over the next couple of years with one most definitely written by this Christmas and drawn by an artist who will make your knees knock.

Seriously, you guys will love. My plan here is do the either the best Superman story ever or the most important Marvel comic of the last twenty years.

More as it happens.


Should we still expect Millar's Superman?

I’m excited by this but only if you promise to come back to Millarworld and not be seduced by them . Don’t get me wrong I love lots of your work for the big two but a world where you had never left and given us Superior, Nemesis or Jupiter’s Legacy would be a poorer one for it.


Oh, this would absolutely be a one-off special project for now. I wouldn’t do the other project until I’d finished all these other sequels as my own company is obviously more important to me. I’m just jazzed about both this ideas and it would actually be a nice breather before I get into Phase 2. It will take me another 2 years beyond this to write all the MW sequels I’ve got scheduled.



That’s what I want to hear! :grin:

I’ll look forward to whatever story you decide to go with now without the fear of less Millarworld.


Weirdly, the Hit-Girl ongoing will be written by a superstar writer we’ve just hired so there will actually be even MORE Millarworld books next year :slight_smile:



If you do the Marvel book, they can make billions off it when they adapt it to the movies and all you’ll get is a mention in the credits.

If you do the Superman book you’ll be itching a personal scratch and one for the fans, too. Plus, it’ll sell like crazy.
Go with Superman.


It’s going to be interesting to see how someone else handles your characters. It’s actually one of reasons I’m looking forward to the annual.


Porque no los dos?


Haha. Good point!



Please do the best Superman story ever!
It might actually wake DC up a bit in regards to the character.


Sounds awesome. But my heart still burns for a Nemesis sequel. AND the movie adaptation that, (what with deadpool paving the way for r-rated comic book movies) couldn’t come at a better time!


Mark, you have a handle on Superman, which to be honest DC doesn’t have - or so it seems at the moment, retiring Grant’s excellent rebooted Superman, (after sabotaging him) with this guy who prefers to run away from crowds, mope in his bedroom, and hide for years playing house, etc.
So, yes, Save the Man of Tomorrow!


Superman needs a win right now, and if this new project is anywhere near as good as Red Son (which, by the way, is a popular book among the friends I’ve introduced to comics - and among those already well versed), then the Superman idea’s the way to go.

I’m intrigued by the Marvel one, but that doesn’t seem like something that needs rushed out in comparison. Marvel have a few things going for them right now, but DC needs a good Superman story.

Either way, best of luck, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store at DC and Marvel alongside the future MW releases!


Superman. It has to happen. It’s destiny. Don’t fight it Mark…just go with it.


I think you know what my vote will be. The whole reason I quit lurking on Millarworld and originally signed up for account was the possibility of a Millar penned Superman.


@Mark_Millar: I would go with Superman too but as a caveat, DC has just “rebirthed” their continuity and Superman underwent some massive changes. Your story may have to be tweaked to align with their current direction.


Awesome news Sir, can´t wait, I hope the Mavel one is about Spider-man


You really know how to get our hype HIGH! :slight_smile:


Yes, go with this.

Actually, whoever puts forth the best pro-Marvel post can arm - wrestle Will, and you can can go with the victor’s pick.


Arm wrestle?!? To the Thunderdome, baby!