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A serious question


While giving my boy his bath tonight he peppered me with a million questions. Tonight he had one that stumped me.
He asked if Hulk can die. Having recently read the TPB combo of Future Imperfect and The End, I know Hulk most likely cannot die.
But then the boy asked “What if someone shrinks down and puts a bomb in his mind and blows it up?” I honestly don’t know. I assume Hulk’s organs are regenerating but don’t know if he can survive that.
What is the correct answer?


In the Avengers movie, Banner said he attempted suicide by gun and the Hulk spit out the bullet.


This video’s about Deadpool, but as the question’s about the Hulk’s brain, there might be something there:


If he did survive, would he still be the same Hulk?

I assume since Wolverine has regenerated from less, he and the Hulk could be functional immortal. :wink:


I think if you chunked the Hulk, Deadpool and Wolverine into the Sun, that would kill them. The intense heat would destroy all organic matter so they couldn’t regenerate.


But then there’s that Punisher comic where he shoots Bruce Banner in the head, and he doesn’t get back up.
Obviously I prefer the Avengers version but it’s confusing.


Glad to see you’re schooling the boy in strict comics continuity. It’s the only way to raise a child in this world gone mad.

In proper continuity away from idiot writers the Hulk needs air to breath and his healing process isn’t instant so a strong enough force could kill him or he could drown (or suffocate).


Maybe but it would have to be a serious bomb. Not some firecracker. I’d have to look up my old physics equations but look at what Hulk has done. I think he’s punched an aircraft carrier out of the water at some point. He’s flattened mountain tops. I mean, the concussive force of a punch would be enough to liquefy all of his internal organs if they were vulnerable. So either the molecular bonds or even subatomic structure of his tissues are too strong to damage or they process force differently.

So a bomb going off in his head might do no damage but cause one heckuva sneeze.

Or fart.


Since we’re talking about the best answer for a small boy I think we have a winner!


Hulk is strongest one there is. I think that covers it.


My daughter is getting a bit hooked on learning superhero (and villain) origin stories at the moment. I’m impressed how much she retains.

Although she still does keep calling Iron Man’s alter ego Tony Starch.


You need starch to Iron:


You have taught him well - that Q proves it!


I’ve been thinking about this over the last couple of hours…rather than grown up stuff like I ought to be thinking about it.

The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets.Thus theoretically, and depending on how cross he really is, he could be almost infinitely strong and powerful. Therefore, I would say that an explosion would just make him really, really angry and consequently really, really powerful, thus meaning that he would be fine.

We really need to get Peter David on here for an AMA some time to ask him about this. I imagine that he’d know.


I took my wife’s 13 year old nephew to see X-Men: Apocalypse Sunday. Afterwards, he is asking me a lot of questions about the X-Men and mutants in the movies and comics. We also touched on the MCU. In another conversation, I was explaining the Absorbing Man and his powers to him. (He liked the powers but was shocked when I told him Absorbing Man was a villain.)

It could have been worse. I could have had to explain DC to him. No 13 year old is ever ready for that…


Well, in the Ultimates Jan shrunk down, climbed into Hulk’s head and stung him into unconsciousness.

Unfortunately, Hulk’s ability to die depends on the writer. I think Wolverine may have killed him when the Hulk swallowed him in Old Man Logan and he shredded his way out of him.


“Everything dies.”

  • Reed Richards.


“Smash stupid stretchy man!”

  • Hulk.


Some writer called Mark Millar killed him in old man Logan…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s a story I’m not telling a 5 year old before bedtime :).