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A quick word from me on the Millarworld Annual


Only on for a second as just back holidays. Not back in office until Monday morning.

But can I just say thanks to stores for ordering so well on the MW Annual and to readers for being so into it? I don’t think I’ve read a single negative thing about it, which is fantastic as all these thirteen people published for the first time. I’m really delighted with how they’ve risen to the occasion and produced stories they should be proud of. I’m certainly proud of them and the bar is set for September when we announce the characters to be used for the 2017 annual.

A huge shout-out and biggest thanks of all to both Rachael, our beloved editor, in putting all this together and in our team of Mod Volunteers under the watchful eye of Jim, who suggested this merry idea in the first place. I would genuinely have never gotten through all those submissions alone and the guys deserve a huge thanks from everyone for taking a huge amount of personal time to read through everything and for their patience and wisdom as they talked through all the stories.

V best to all,

PS Literally spent all this week in the highlands up a tree-house with the family. No electricity and just a wood stove to cook, reading by lantern after 9pm. But weirdest of all… no Internet!!!


Wait… what do you mean no internet?

Like was the wi fi signal just down for a bit … I … don’t understand :confused:


i think what Mark is saying is “no alone time”?

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So great to see this out in the world considering it was just an idea a year ago. Delighted for the 13 creators who must be thrilled. And most of the reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive too. Funny how many people are looking for more of the old characters, particularly folks wanting more American Jesus.

Won’t be long before we start again for this year. Can’t wait!


Can’t thank everyone who was a part of this, and there are a LOT. Mark, Rachael, Jim…ALL the mods, who trawled through the scripts. The entire community who have made this place such a wonderful place to discuss our passions.

It’s been a true and lasting pleasure. Hope everyone enjoyed the Annual half as much as I enjoyed being part of it!

And there WILL be more coming! Some soon, some not for a while. Upwards and onwards!


I just finally found the time to read through the fan chat, and what a wonderful way to start the day (I live in the states). The advice was excellent and inspiring, and I was just so overly happy and excited for all the people who were involved. I read the whole thing with a big smile on my face. I can’t wait to see more from these creators.

When I picked up the issue from my comic shop yesterday (haven’t gotten to read it yet), the owner commented on how he was going to have to order more because I picked up the last issue. That’s so incredible. What a great opportunity and idea. I can’t wait to create a submission for next years.


@DenizCamp…this…this page…daaaayummm. This is awesome.


Thanks so much Patrick! Really dug that one too. :slight_smile: and thanks to pracheta for doing a great job!


Let me add some more praise for your story Deniz. I really enjoyed it. If I can be technical and writerly for a moment, I loved the structure and how you did little perfectly rounded vignettes of Duke’s various adventures.


Managed to finally catch up with the annual. As part of the judging panel I’d read all the winning scripts but it was a joy seeing them illustrated for the first time.

@patrickjclarke I agree on that page standing out, great work from both Deniz and Pracheta.


Added to say I loved Steve Beach’s art on American Jesus. Would be ready to pick up anything he gets to work on next.


Thanks, everyone. Means the world to me. You’ll never know how much!


I’ve been a fan of Steve’s since before the Annual. He’s brilliant. Check out his webcomic with Johnson,


Loved the Hit girl, story and art! I want a child’s ABC book for my daughter lol


Glad you enjoyed it!
I’d be careful around those kindergarten teachers though! You’ll have an interesting time explaining her new vocabulary to social services!


I’ve been on a heavy work load so I finally have time to go pick it up today. :slight_smile: