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a quick preview (unlettered of my book) B.A.D.A.S.S.


Hi, I’m not a regular poster, but I thought I’d share this around to see if there is any interest in what I’ve been spending my time on. Right now it’s linework but running a kickstarter to help pay for printing and pro colors.
Hopefully you’ll like it.


These pages are beautiful. Most times I pop into these threads and move on quickly, but I had to stop and take a closer look at this art. If I didn’t have a kid due any day now and therefore disposable income I would definitely contribute. I hope this gets seen and wish you the best with funding the colors.


Thanks for replying, craguecook!

The book will still come out, I just wanted to be able to pay someone else to give it that final layer of polish. the lines and tones are actually done and I’m lettering the book now. I was thinking of keeping it black and white tones with a splash of color something like this…


But why would you want to put colour over art like that? The red highlights do look good, but I think the b/w art can easily stand alone.

Also, I’m jealous of your acronym and wish I’d thought of it first :smiley:


Ha! Thanks for the kind words, I’m going to release a toned with spot color version first if the kickstarter is not successful. I’ll just continue to complete the first story arc and then try to get it colored or color it myself. The perception is that Black and White books generally don’t sell even though one of the most successful comics is a B&W book.


This looks awesome. I want to letter it so badly, haha.


This looks great!
I wish you good luck too!




The Kickstarter was not successful, but I was able to still get enough support outside of that platform to cover some printing. So at this point, I’m doing 100% of the book. I’ll try to get a colorist later. Here’s a WIP of the variant cover with logo mocked up.


Also a look at my first stab at the second cover of the second issue and a couple of pages from that one also.


Very nice indeed.


Thank you!


Very nicely done!




Great work! really like it! You’re style looks really familiar! did you ever post on deviantart? really nice stuff!


Thanks! I still post stuff in spurts over there.


A spread from B.A.D.A.S.S.