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A Question About The Ultimate Universe? (SPOILERS FOR RECENT EVENTS INSIDE!)


I need current Marvel people to cue me in on whats the current situation with it? I havnt been able to keep up with Marvel in a while and Ultimate is what I usually focus on. Whats happen to it?


[Spoiler]It’s not…destroyed is it? I’ve heard about it mildly? I need clarification.[/Spoiler]


As I understand it, it’s gone as a result of Secret Wars, although some elements of it have crossed over and been incorporated into the regular ongoing Marvel Universe, like Miles Morales.


So my worst fears have been answered, I heard about how they incorporated Miles into the Marvel Universe. It makes sense, he was the only thing making it in the comic headlines. He’s a great character, and hearing how he’s been ret-conned into the main universe is cool…it’s cool he still retains the knowledge of the old world. I don’t know, I’ll miss Ultimate. It was how I could read my favorite characters. Secret Wars killed almost every comic Universe I really loved growing up. Supreme Power, New Universe, Shadowline, Squadron Supreme. All the stuff I enjoyed is dead. I’ll still read the comics I have, I have emotional value with them. With DC all there Earths are alive and well since Convergence so at least I have that to look towards.

P.S Mile’s new series looks fantastic.


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Like father, like son.


Anyway thanks for answering @DaveWallace, I really needed the help on Ultimate.


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