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A question about Marvel's 1976 Topps stickers


Obscure, I know, but these, Spider-Man and Hulk web-spinners, Marvel Top Trumps and Letraset we’re as important to me as the comics as a kid. I know we could the stickers in 1977/ MAYBE early 1978 when I was a kid because I was around seven and able to walk to the shops myself.

But I’m not sure it was Topps who made them here. I could be wrong as the packets look very familiar. Does anyone know? Also, does anyone have a pic of the covers of the UK Star wars and Superman trading cards? I remember the Superman 2 ones being a solid red I think, but I can’t remember the Superman The Movie covers…



Looks like it is indeed Topps- plenty for sale on ebay too :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link to that site. I collected those when they were new. My grandad owned a newsagent and greengrocers. When they went to the wholesalers to buy new stock I sometimes went along. I can remember persuading him to buy boxes of Star Wars trading cards and those Marvel stickers with the captions. When the shop closed we carefully opened the packets allowing me eventually to get four sets of both. None of the packets left were shorted. But I didn’t have any doubles. Proper nostalgia to read all those captions again how I wish I’d kept them. Worst of it is I can remember thinking, as I stuck them, that I would regret it. Same feeling when I used my sisters hole punch on my early x men comics (shudder) so I could put them in a natty ring binder.