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A Mental Kick-Ass marketing stunt for you!


Hey folks,

A fun competition for you this week. A signed copy of our original script for #1, all four newly remastered volumes of Kick-Ass Vols 1-4, the first issue of the new monthly Hit-Girl series and of course this week’s upcoming first issue of the brand new Kick-Ass monthly starring Patience Lee.

PLUS a congratulations phone-call from yours truly on YOUR GENIUS IDEA!!

What do you have to do to WIN all this goodness? Well, all this goes to the marketing genius who pulls off some promotional/ social media campaign I deem most fun on Thursday morning to celebrate the release of the new Kick-Ass monthly this week on Feb 14th (Valentine’s Day).

The winner gets decided at 9am UK time Thursday morning so that gives you seventy-two hours between now and then to come up with something truly amazing, preferably funny and most of all ORIGINAL in terms of promoting this brand new first issue and it all starts NOW.

You ready to get going?

I look forward to seeing the maddest ideas!

Your Pal,


Why do I have the feeling Big Daddy and Amber are going to win this one?


@Bigdaddy was my first thought too.

Would love to see someone top the first viral video.


haha! the best one is the one that goes most viral/ hits the most devices. It might be a film, it might be a tweet, it might be a cool poster/ ad that goes viral. This is one for a clever marketeer and just 66 hrs left to make an impact. I’d get one up today, personally, as impact time is zero if it’s just before I choose!!



66 hrs left!!! Amber is the social media branch of our family so I guess I better get her going on this today! This is an awesome way to launch the new books! :smile:


There’s a Kick-Ass-Mobile, right? There has to be a Kick-Ass-Mobile!


The winner pays for Mark to travel to their home and he kicks their ass



Here’s my pitch, we have a scavenger hunt/ immersive experience. There will be a poster/ ad they will say help wanted ether online or on printed media like newspaper or comic books. try to get the New York Times to get involved by running this ad, so it would look ligit. In the ad itself it would say help wanted looking for the next kick-ass or next big superhero could it be you and they there will be a website so they can go online and start this immersive adventure. On the website there will be a introduction by you or kick-ass himself greeting them and telling them that they need to go trough a “interview” to be the next hero/kick-ass. So first they will do a quiz testing there kick-ass, comic book and/or superhero knowledge. Then after that they will receive a code in which they must download a app and with that code will unlock the app and features. Some of the features would be like mini games so they will use their “powers” to train to be the next kick-ass/superhero. Then after all that the final test comes when the new/old Villain or a gang “hacks the system” and threaten a building holding “documents” that will jeopardize everything. So you need to save a building “aka your local comic shop or whatever comics are sold” using augmented reality and you ether failed and have to try again another day or if you win you get to be the next superhero/Kick ass. then all of a sudden you get the message saying from kick-ass or you saying great job unfortunately you can’t be the next kick ass because some one has already took the job. Introducing Patience Lee as the new kick ass and the story as well to the customers. However there is a reward for the customer after there playing the game witch is the document that you were fighting to protect and you or kick-ass tell them that this is “top secret” and don’t share it with anyone. that document is a preview, prequel and or one shot of your the new kick ass series. Setting up for what’s to come. And that’s my idea hope you like it :slight_smile:


You have to execute your idea by 9am UK time Thursday to be eligible.


Ok, we have solid concept based on the new storyline. I’m working all week but we’re going to try and execute in 36 hours.
The Batons are coming back out! :slight_smile:


Dose my idea qualify or do I actually ave to execute it? I’m confused :confused:


You have to execute it. The prize goes to whoever performs the promotional stunt Mark deems most fun.


God, yes. Not only must idea be executed, but it needs to have impact by Thursday morning.

The idea is to promote the new #1 with a clever piece of marketing that reaches the widest audience as opposed to coming with a theory on how to do it. It’s really fun. I love doing stuff like that.



Hey guys, new user, long-time fan! Here’s my idea: how about having people cosplay as characters from the comics outside of local comic book shops to promote the new series on launch day? And the catch: they’re acting in character the whole time as if they’re real super heroes!


I think some people are misunderstanding the intention here: It’s not for US to do the marketing stunt, it’s for YOU to do something cool on social media today or tomorrow and whichever one goes widest and has most impact wins all the loot!!! :slight_smile:



I’m going to email you flight details later


Ah ok. My bad. Thanks Mark!


Those plans best be getting complete!

24 Hours to M-Day.


Just posted, Amber is shooting tweets out to some marketing VIPs. A little slap dash but only 15 hours from start to finish. :slight_smile: