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A little taste of Quitely from Jupiter's Legacy Vol 2...


More up in the special VIP retailer forum, but proofing this today and the art just too good not to share. Note: This series launches MONTHLY QUITELY in the New Year. You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve been stockpiling :smile:


Looks great. And I think the stockpiling is a great idea that will really pay off once the series is launched.

I saw from an interview with Eric Stephenson the other day that Image now requires at least three full issues of script and art to be complete before a new series is solicited, and I think it’s a good policy. Late shipping isn’t the end of the world but I think it can hurt a book’s momentum, especially in the early stages.


That looks fantastic! I re-read my Legacy trade during October and was amazed how it pulled me right back into the story. I can’t wait to see Walter take another beating in either Legacy 2 or Circle 2, hell maybe both! :wink: Chloe is going to kick some serious ass!


Frank is really knocking it out the park these day’s cant wait to get this in my mitts in the new year !