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A little preview of our Frank Quitely Preview!


A teaser for a teaser? Whatever next, Internet?

Either way, here’s a little peek at a page from the second issue of our Jupiter’s Legacy sequel, just part of a six-page preview coming in Empress #1. That comic, by the way, is on sale April 6th and will be by me and my latest Big Two poach, a fine gentleman called Stuart Immonen.

Stay tuned for a series of big Empress previews later this week too!


Looks great. Can’t wait for monthly Frank Quitely!

Is Jupiter’s Legacy 2 still on for the end of June?


Of course! Big preview on Empress #1 in just 4 weeks time!



Excellent. :slight_smile:


Goddamn this looks so good! You better pay Quitely billions for just this page!


I like that this is the page we have seen previously before it was finished . Love seeing the development of a page of such wondrous art.


Mindblowing art, with or without colors, Quitely is a genius!


the biulding perspective it’s just perfect


Good to see more Quitely goodness. Great stuff!


Oh damn. He’s getting better.


Looks great. Some things are definitely worth the wait, love his art so much and Empress is out just before my birthday too. Excellent.


The MM/FQ work for the upcoming series is stunning as well as inventive.

Just this week I’ve been lucky enough to have seen the latest FQ cover for JL. Forget the rest of the year, it’s my favourite comicbook cover of 2016! I’ll be buying multiple copies of it and sending them around the world! That cover needs to become a giant Billboard! My worlds have collided!

…ok, I’m just going to step outside my work suite as I shake random people in the street while shouting at them about this!


Jansay Jhah will be the best new character of 2016! :wink: