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A little Frank Quitely fer ya!


Here’s the super villain HQ from the upcoming sequel. Just flipping through some of these stockpiled pages and thought it was nice to share!


Wow. That is amazing.


Hope it’s okay to share this, 'cause I really want to share this!


Gosh this Quitely fellow might go places.


Wow. That’s lovely.


Quite frankly, the man can draw.

Yes, I went there…


That’s amazing as always.

I’ve just noticed … no-one owns an iron in Quitely world. :slight_smile:


I hate irons. :wink:


That seems a bit sudden. Did you have a traumatic experience with one as a child? Did a bigger kid follow you from home from school threatening to press creases into your jeans? :wink:

Note to self: I should really stop asking these sorts of questions. Some day someone is going to say yes.


Hahaha. No. I did have a friend whose mom ironed creases into his jeans. Ironing is just such a pain in the ass. I also don’t care for the overly crisp look. So I tend to buy no iron clothes. I used to iron creases out of pants but tend to let them just wash out now. I don’t understand the draw of the crease. I would prefer it be flat. We have an iron at home but my wife only uses it for crafts. :wink:


You scruffy looking nerf herder… :smile:

To be fair, I do iron grudgingly, but not very often. I have a tendency to look crumpled most of the time.

And Frank’s art looks great as well (notice how I deftly brought the thread back on topic). :wink:


My Auntie insists on ironing everything including the tea towels. It’s always such a delight when she comes to stay on holiday.

P.S. Frank’s art is awesome.


That just kicked my anticipation up a notch! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Can I clarify whether that comment relates to Mr. Quietly’s art or to @Bernadette’s Aunt?

The art is fantastic and I’m sure that the book is going to be brilliant (Vol1 was after all), but seriously, the woman irons tea towels…I really have no words for that.


My grandmother used to iron the sheets after making the bed to ensure there were no creases when the cover was lifted!


I like that Quitely’s characters’ clothes look lived in. His art has a cartoonish yet real quality that really stands out to me.


Suddenly I feel I’ve entered into a weird subculture that I didn’t know existed before. :open_mouth:


Haha. She has all the words for me because I don’t.


If I hadn’t already derailed the thread, I would tell you about the the time my mother in law came to stay with us with a while. The short version is that she is a very nice person, and very kind person but she has a very fixed, slightly compulsive view on how things should be done. I too have a very fixed, slightly compulsive view on how thing should be done.

It was a little uncomfortable.

She also likes ironing. The weirdo. :wink:


I baked a cake for a birthday party once. It was a replica of their house. Had Lego men on it and everything (obviously non-edible). A relative brought her own cake along “just to be on the safe side.” She wasn’t best pleased when no one liked her’s. I may have gleefully enjoyed that a bit too much.