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A flaw in the Ashley Madison hack


I’m eating popcorn and watching this like everybody else, but here’s the thing…

How can anyone actually be identified here? Who in their right mind would join this website a) under their real name and b) under their regular address? If these people are having an affair why would they have the emails come through to their regular work address as opposed to

I wondered why no names were already all over the papers but surely this is the big flaw in the hack. The hackers have just dumped 10 Gig of aliases surely!!!



Well you have to pay to be a member, so I assume that would at least require your real name (and credit card information). The email thing… I guess some people are just lazy/stupid.


Yep, the leak apparently includes credit card information.


And horny, which affects the ability to think clearly.

The hackers may regret that. Enabling identity fraud is going to attract police attention.


You mean the police weren’t interested already?


I’m sure they were, up to a point, but given a choice between investigating a hack that exposes wannabe/actual affairs or a hack that exposes credit card details that can be used by fraudsters, I believe most police forces would prioritize the latter.


or a hack that exposes affairs by a significant number of senior police officers

[quote]I believe most police forces would prioritize the latter.



The cat would be well out of that bag, but revenge is certainly a possible motive.

To be honest I’m not following the story very closely. The only disclosure I know about for sure is an Australian radio station told a woman, live on air, that her husband had an account with the website.


I just saw a Yahoo article stating that Josh Duggar has/had an Ashley Madison account.


I should be okay as I used as my alias.


To be fair, she asked them to tell her, but yes, very skeevy thing to do on radio, which they seemed to realise as soon as they did it.

Josh Duggar being on there is pretty surprising, not because it makes him a yet another hypocrite from the religious right (which isn’t surprising in the least), but because there’s surely not going to be that many married teenagers on there.


From the local Houston news: [Ashley Madison hacker list users include city of Houston employees][1]

The email addresses of millions of users of the extramarital affair website Ashley Madison have been posted online and Channel 2 news has confirmed several of those addresses are connected to city, county and school district emails in the Houston area.

KPRC 2 has found five email accounts for city employees, seven for Harris County employees, three with the Houston Independent School District and one with Fort Bend I.S.D.

There are more than 100 email addresses linked to state workers and Channel 2’s search also found 61 email addresses linked to NASA.

Hackers broke into the Ashley Madison database and now anyone can see the list of members, something users thought was private information.

"Is it generally convincing proof? Yeah, but does it mean you’re guilty of something? Absolutely not,” said Brian Wice, Channel 2 legal analyst.

Wice pointed out just because someone’s email address is linked to the website doesn’t mean they were the person using it.

Even if the person is using it, legally not much can happen."

The fact that you’ve cheated on your spouse doesn’t mean you’re going to get fired,” he said.

But it’s a different story if the person was using the website at work on a company-issued computer. Wice warns people should use Ashley Madison at their own risk, depending on your company’s employment policy you could potentially lose your job.

Using your work email is just plain stupid. Well, using the website isn’t much brighter either…


Are you trying to tell us something? :wink:


I don’t use my city email for that.

I have for other “business”.z


The credit card information is only the last four digits, so it probably can’t be used for identity fraud.


Asshat! That IS my email account! :angry:

@Mark_Millar - do not forget Rule #1: People are stupid.

(This juxtaposition was entirely unintentional.)


He did and the statement he released is about as much as you can ask from someone in his situation.
He’s a piece of crap but at least he is owning up to it.