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A cover for the contest which I cant use



My name is Steven. I was on these boards a few years ago and started some projects but had to bow out because I just wasn’t ready.

But I decided to take a new crack at it and submit to this annual contest this year.

I did this as a cover, but I don’t want to be disqualified for submitting more then I’m allowed, so I’m just going to leave it here!

Enjoy, tear it apart, whatever you’d like:)



Nice work.
Liking the color tones on the different characters. Would have been a nice wrap around cover.


@Mark_Hall thanks! And that would be cool!


Hey stranger!

Cover looks amazing!


That’s awesome. Nice touch using Buster Crabbe as Duke McQueen too.



@Mark_Millar Thanks Mark, that really means alot:) And thanks for taking the time to look at it! He seemed liked a good fit for a pulp hero.



@mattgarvey1981 Hey man! How have you been?! And thank you for the kind words!



I’m good, buddy, thanks.
Still making my own comics :blush:
Good to have you back on the board!


Absolutely amazing o.o


@Jefix Thanks!