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90's Gimmick Covers


That would surely be really hard to notice through the plastic of the CD case.


That album art…did not make the transition to CD very well.


Let’s be honest, that’s true of all album art.


Worked alright for this one;


This and this for me.


What is that on the second one?


A pretty rubbish stereogram thing where you pulled the picture of Robin out like a card, and it’s meant to cause his cape to flutter. Kind of didn’t.

This was good, because McKean.


I’ve got a copy of X-Men Omega with chrome cover.


One of the only ones I actually own is the embossed and die-cut ‘tombstone’ overlay cover for Amazing Spider-Man #400.

It immediately makes the story inside about 47% better.


I was always a sucker for shiny things… here’s some of my favourites I own…



I know I must have picked up several (randomly - I never sought them out) but the only one I can recall is the Spectre glow in the dark. Which actually was pretty cool – and if you’re going to have something that glows in the dark, Spectre is the no-brainer choice :smiley:


Oh man, I used to have all the Fatal Attractions hologram covers, but I sold them =P

Still have a lot of the 2099 special covers, and probably a good amount of other special covers I can’t remember right now… but I gotta say, that Man Of Steel #30 cover with the stickers is probably the best idea I’ve seen… it’s gimmicky for sure, but sooo cool =P

Oh, I know I still have this one…