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90's Gimmick Covers

Man, I love gimmick comic covers. I still have a bunch of them (Fatal Attractions holograms, Force Works pop up cover, loads of die cut ones with holes in etc) and it got me thinking about the 90’s which was prolific with them.

What were the best ones? or perhaps the most gimmicky?


I always quite liked the Wolverine #50 cover with the slash marks.



That was going to be my answer.

The Daredevil #321 cover with the glow-in-the-dark elements (to signify his radar sense) was also pretty inventive.


ShadowHawk II #3 had a special gatefold cover that depicted the character removing his mask to reveal his identity. Unfortunately, I can’t find a scanned image of it online.

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The Fatal Attractions holograms were pretty cool at the time.


I was reading this today which sparked the question.


The holographic cover of Superman #82. Of course me being a 90s kid, I have fond memories of this entire arc.


The Force Works book


And the brilliant man of steel 30 which had stickers to build your own cover!



Chaos! Comics defiantly loved to come out with some thing new back in the day.
Lady Death Swimsuit Velvet Ed.

Cryptic Writings of Megadeth Leather Ed.

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This was the first comic I ever bought with my own money. That Deadpool & the Maxx.
Still have that one. The Maxx too. I got rid of that Deadpool though. The story was hot garbage.

What is going on with that Force Works?

I make no apologies of Priest’s The Ray series being one of my favourite of all time, and it got a gimmick foil cover:


Easily my least favorite gimmick cover in the 90s:

Although I quite liked this 90s gimmick cover:


That’s chromium, not holographic.

I have that issue but can’t recall if it’s fully chromium (on the back too).

I have the (fully) chromium covered X-O Manowar #0 on my shelf here (signed by Quesada).

It is

Remember even ‘posh’ comics did this.

Marvel has cooled off on the gimmicky covers just a bit but DC still loves them. They put out 3d covers all the time and just last week put out a “Metal” cover with the title embossed with high-relief grooves to look and feel like metal flooring.

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As all classy publications do.

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One of my favorite albums of all time did that same thing with its record cover.

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