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70s Disaster Movies


What are people’s favourites?
I love the Poseidon Adventure, and despite Beyond having a great villain in Telly Savalas in full medallion-man Blofeld/If mode, it sinks. So I wrote my own sequel.
I also fucking love the Cassandra Crossing and the Airport films, even Airport '79 - the Concorde, which is cheesy as hell, has Sylvia Kristel in the cock-pit as a stewardess, etc, but it has David Warner - who rocks as always.
And Juggernaut is brilliant.
And some of the TV films from that period aren’t bad either.
Anyone else?


Two outstanding examples of the disaster movie were released in 1974: EARTHQUAKE starring Charlton Heston, and the best one of all, TOWERING INFERNO starring Steve McQueen.


I think you will find that it was starring Paul Newman :wink:

But good call.


The big trio has to be POSEIDON ADVENTURE, TOWERING INFERNO and EARTHQUAKE. I never really considered AIRPORT to be much of a disaster movie because it didn’t have much of a disaster - just the threat of one.

A few that I liked at the time - METEOR (which is just a piece of crap when I watch it today), ANDROMEDA STRAIN (Crichton’s first big bestseller), and HINDENBURG (still very visually engaging).

I don’t remember if I ever saw ROLLERCOASTER or JUGGERNAUT, but I remember THE SWARM and it is also a piece of crap today. CHINA SYNDROME stands out (again, not much of a disaster, but more about the threat of one).

Still, disaster movies have never really been that interesting for me.


True, Paul Newman was top-billed, but Steve McQueen had a major role as the fire chief in TOWERING INFERNO. :slight_smile:


I was alluding to the argument between Newman and McQueen about billing. In a biography I read of McQueen, I read that Newman was okay with whatever billing but as Steve McQueen made a big deal about it, he stood his ground.

I didn’t realise that William Holden also wanted top billing.


I love the Poseidon Adventure, but the Towering Inferno tops it as my favourite disaster movie.

And although it’s 60s not 70s, The Crack in the World deserves special mention. It terrified me as a kid because I was convinced it was plausible. (I’m still not convinced it isn’t :open_mouth: Just say no to frakking!!!)