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4 page sci-fi short comic. "The Ultimate Selfie"


Here is a wee four page comic I wrote and drew. Please check out, hope you enjoy it.


Pretty good, though you missed out by not naming the public toilet ‘Piss-take’.

And is that a Futurama reference i see on the last page?


Haha yeah. There are actually a few in there. Just in things like names of stations and background adds. I like having wee details like that in there.


Yes I noticed Friendface from The IT Crowd.

Nice work Chris, I enjoyed.


Thanks. Yeah I love that sort of stuff. Especially the FriendFace. “You sign over all of your personal information and we will give you a website to meet new friends catch up with old ones…” thats 60 sec vid is so on the ball. And also funny. When I was writing this and had a fake Facebook in the script. I had to reference it.


Another fun wee story.


Thanks for sharing! Great little story here. (Laughing… and commenting on social media sites. Hmmm…)


This was really cool! haha awesome art. I liked how you used subway station map iconography as panel dividers. Story wise, i felt like there could have been another layer in there in terms of motivation for the protagonist. Something a bit more than wanting to be “the best”. Higher stakes maybe, even if its silly, i thought having something else in there might help make the story richer. Overall great job!


Pretty good man keep it up. You do it digital or traditional way?


Man, that was pretty good! Artwork and story.

I think you could’ve been a little more subtle on the tweets, but great work!


Thanks, yeah I struggled getting the tweeting right. Not something I do much myself. But really wanted to tell this story.


I do both. I do it kinda backwards I guess, I do detailed roughs and layouts digitally, printed blue line to pencil. Then digitally inked them. But now starting to just work digitally.


Thanks, really appreciate it. Yeah working on a longer form comic with a proper writer helping me. This was just a wee idea I had while writing that. Wanting to get to know the world im making a bit more.


Thanks, I love things that tell a smart message and make it funny. Means they dont come across as preachy or appear to take themselves overly seriously.


I really like the art, from line work to color choices.
If I remember this correctly, Spielberg said he didn’t want reporters in E.T. because it would take the viewer out of the action. I felt that way here. Three strong pages (I didn’t know his plan was to take a selfie on the statue) with no strong conclusion. A suggestion might be that he wants fame so bad that he is willing to hurl himself off the statue to achieve fame by a desperate act such as suicide, only to land impaled. As he is “butt hurt” (another Internet reference) and about to die, bystanders could notice him and start taking his picture, etc., then we would see his reaction to this, and be in the moment with him. His reaction would depend on the point you’d want your story to make: Did he want to be famous like that, or is he horrified this is how he’ll be remembered? Is fame at all costs worth it, and he relishes his final moments?