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3 page Halloween Short


So, just for grins, I threw together a short form comic (3 pages) for Halloween. Knocking out writing, penciling, inking, lettering, and a touch of color, over approximately 2 days, it was a lot of fun seeing what I could throw together on my own in a short time. As my first real, creative post to Millarworld, I hope you enjoy “Candy Corn” :wink:

-Joseph Smith
Twitter: @creativejoe83


Great stuff, buddy.

Keep posting more!!!


Will do Matt. Just gotta stop writing ever so often & draw some of my scripts, lol.


Funny twist.


It started out darker, then when I went to go write the dialogue, this is what came out :slight_smile:


A bit of a double twist, which I really liked.


Thank you :smile: