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24 hours with The Ether


Ok, Send me the message ETHER at & I’ll send you a FREE PDF of The Ether #1 by @DIZEVEZ & me
For the next 24hrs only!!!




I recommend everyone take Matt up on this, it’s a great issue.


So I’ve been told. :smiley:


I have to say, you really plug this issue a lot. Nothing bad about that, it’s nice too see you putting so much work into it. :smiley:


No point having a comic if no one is reading it :wink:
Plus I am exceptionally proud of @DIZEVEZ and everything she has done on it!
For her 1st actual comic…BOOM, she nailed it.
Everyone needs to see it!
The writing is ok too, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just sent the, all guys!
We out love to know what you think :slight_smile:


This is DCs upcoming cover of Aquaman…

This is the cover for Transfer!


Both are VERY cool covers!

S’why I think DC & Marvel are missing a trick not hiring @DIZEVEZ…im sure they’ll find her VERY soon.
Great talent can’t go unnoticed for too long!


Just in case anyone has forgotten that they can get a copy of The Ether for the bargain price of zilch…


It more of a “you pay with eternal dammnation” by supporting me! :joy:


It more of a “you pay with eternal dammnation” by supporting me! :joy:


Ha!! I love it!! That is so great!


Ahh Transfer #1 seems so long ago! My first cover!


Only a few months!
Blew me away how awesome it was/ is!


This is true


You would know :wink:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we are done!

Mods, lock it down :wink: