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2017 Box Office so far!


I just had a wee look Box Office Mojo and interesting to note that 3 of the Top 5 and 5 of the Top 10 global BO this year are Chinese pictures. Also, they’re all modestly-budgeted.



One cool thing that I’ve noticed domestically is that we’re now at the end of February and every film that has been #1 at the box office…Hidden Figures, Split, LEGO Batman, and Get Out…have all been very good and a nice variety of quality. With Logan coming up. It’s kind of incredible.

I’m particularly delighted that Get Out did so well. It’s not perfect but it’s a great little horror film.


And it did it on a $4.5 million budget. Not bad for a Jordan Peele’s directorial debut.


Your Name is Japanese, not Chinese.

The success of xXx 3 is China is weird.


It’s success anywhere is weird, and I like Vin Diesel.