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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


hell, 8 of the top 10 selling comics last year were published by Scholastic.


I’ve always loved Briggs’ work, since reading his Father Christmas Goes On Holiday as a kid. He’s very underrated I think.

When The Wind Blows is maybe my favourite now, although I haven’t got around to Ethel & Ernest yet.


Yes in the Bookscan charts Scholastic were comfortably in front. Marvel have improved but 4 years ago were only the 8th best selling comic publisher in North America.


I can recall “reading” The Snowman to my kids when they were little. Good book!


Going through the early part of this thread and comparing with actual results, seems Logan and Kong have outperformed consensus views, while Lego Batman, GitS and Power Rangers have all done quite a bit worse. Up next Fast & Furious 8…


Which we all know will do;

Actually, quite a bit more than that probably. The last one did $1.5bn.


I still can’t believe they didn’t go with some sort of Rock vs Vin Diesel showdown at WrestleMania last week. Perfect promo opportunity!


I hadn’t actually bothered to see how Power Rangers had done til your post and… oof, that is not good. $117 million worldwife on a budget of $100 million. Guess those six sequels aren’t happening.


No that’s not good. I think it’s hard to position this stuff sometimes. Where do you target a pretty daft idea with nostalgia value for 30 somethings (but not only that, it’s stayed popular on TV and my kids watch it)?

I know some of the reviews I read weren’t scathing at all but had quite a few comments asking who it was exactly aimed at. A lot of correspondence to the Kermode and Mayo show were asking about the rating, that a little bit of smut and too much violence meant people weren’t taking their smaller kids that had asked to go.

I know the counter will be it worked for Transformers but I think the difference is the nostalgic audience is younger and the Transformers brand was kind off the table for the kids for quite a while. From just the emails into the radio show and my response as a parent too I think they’d have been better off going with all ages daft fun.


Honestly, it works as a good tween-early teens film.
There’s two instances of smut and the first is a quick quip, and the second is…a bit off putting but it serves a nicely acted dramatic purpose. The rest is just…a really fun movie.

The big thing is that, early teens don’t really care for Power Rangers, especially because the brand has been on Nick. Jr. or so for the past 5 years.


Agreed, I think the film makers like to aim for a PG13 nowadays as the catch-all rating but this one kind of misses both the key audiences. It’s not tweens that are engaged by the product, it’s kids and nostalgic 30 somethings, so they’ve hit down the middle and missed both.


I think “it looks like shit” is a perfectly valid reason for a movie failing, too.


The trailers were bland, but I don’t think any of them looked like shit.

Agreed. I took my 11 year old nephew, and he had a very good time with it.
But I doubt he would have if he were either younger or older.

Like, it tries just enough to make really engaging characters, but it’s a silly plot for the older set and the younger set don’t really get character stuff.


No and neither were the reviews, they were mostly from what I encountered ‘it’s okay’. There will be shittier movies that do great box office because they hit their core audience where they want it.


That’s true.

That’s not a point I was trying to refute.


I was agreeing with you Tom, for a change. :smile:


Hahah, last time that happened this exchange also occurred.

But yeah, I’m not surprised it didn’t do so well. But I am a bit disappointed because it was incredibly fun and engaging and all of these other things that superhero movies take for granted and end up not doing.

Hope that if they do make another, they don’t retool it and end up ruining that balance.


Power Rangers (the show) exists in a weird sweet spot on many scales - sort of super-heroes, but very Japanese. Sort of big robots, but also kaiju. Sort of about big action, but also incredibly goofy. Making it work at all is a fine balancing act that is under-rated by the industry and the film just didn’t seem to get that.


Power Rangers was a studio gamble. It could be a Ninja Turtles or Transformers but they needed to spend the money to make it work. It sounds like they made a really good movie, but there’s just not an audience there.

I can see how for studio heads it’s hard to tell which properties are going to work and which aren’t.


To each his own. MMPR have their own aesthetic and it sure isn’t for everyone.

I will have to agree to disagree with anyone who finds the jokes in the trailer funny.