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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


Dark Horse candidate


I can’t like this post enough.


All together now!


I remember really liking that movie. Although I doubt it’d make my top ten.

This one would, I think. Haven’t seen it since my teens, but it’s stuck with me:

(WHEN the wind blows, not “as”, as the youtube title claims there.)


Did you ever read the original When The Wind Blows comic? It’s heartbreaking.

(And very darkly funny.)


I never did, which is a shame.

I need to rewatch the movie someday. When I’m in a crying mood.


Basically because Louis Prima trumps any modern singer Disney has used (not to mention playing a better trumpet than any of them :wink: )


In just its opening weekend, Beauty and the Beast has grossed more than everything this year but Logan and 50 Shades, with $350M worldwide:

Logan has also done much better than people predicted, with $524M in 2.5 weeks.



Funny that despite the outpouring of love for it when it was released (it was being hailed as not only the best animated film in years but one of the best films of the year), this was the only mention of Inside Out in this thread. I’d forgotten it completely when running through the Pixar films.


Bing Bong :sob:

You forgot about poor Bing Bong, Andrew. :cry:


I really have.

That film did nothing for me; the logic didn’t really work.


Oh Andrew - you clearly have no innner 14-year-old-girl.


That’s one thing I don’t have in common with most people here: I clearly do have an inner 14 yr old girl. I liked her. She was a lot of fun, albeit a bit stroppy and too serious at times.


@Andrew actually does but it’s difficult for him to discuss Daphne in public. He’s getting better but it takes time.


I’m guessing Daphne didn’t appear to have much logic either.

But it was all the other people who were illogical in behaviour, Todd. NOT Daphne; never Daphne.


Todd, you’d have trouble discussing eating a little girl too.


I thought they were ladyfingers!


This was the image that sprang to mind for me.


It’s something I always find quite amusing, Raymond Briggs is one of maybe the top 10 best selling comics creators of all time. There’s no ambiguity on the form, he does comics, no prose, all word balloons and pics the same as any comic DC published this week is but printed in the UK in album form.

He’s been adapted to film at least 4 times.

We look at it all so much through the lens of publisher or genre.