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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


Iron Man 3, then probably Civil War after that.


That seems more like a message for parents to think makes for a good kids movie message - whether kids glom onto that is a different matter.

A Bug’s Life has a great message around trade unions and organising (ironic for a Disney product) - do kids get that, or just laugh at the burly bloke ladybeetle?

Does he, or are we just seeing it through the kids eyes?

Yeah, I do this. It doesn’t always work. I’m looking at you Birdman.

Does that critique still fly two decades into the Pixar age? Toy Story works (for kids and 30-somethings) for the most part, as do the first two Shrek films, among others.

It probably is - I find Iron Man a better series because they are more self-contained - Cap one is a bit of a bore (I’ll very likely never watch it again), and two and three are so intertwined in the broader Marvel story that they don’t really feel like Cap films to me.


Yeah, Birdman is pretty great.


Somewhat. I liked the movie, most adults did. If your primary complaint is the bits that were simple messages for kids then what do you want from these movies? Something targeted to middle aged men? Movies like Toy Story and the Incredibles have equally simple and moralistic cores, it’s not like the Lego movie was different in that regard. I personally think it did a superior job - the movie is a top ten animated movie ever for me.


I like the Lego Movie enough - and it’s got enough trappings to seem more “Kiddy” (how many kids do you hear singing “Everything is Awesome” vs “You’ve got a friend in me?”) - I thought the climax in the Real World was a bit hokey, but not a deal-breaker given the context of the film.

I’m pretty ambivalent to the film to be honest; maybe it’s because I never “got” the Lego thing. It’s undeniably a fun film, but it wouldn’t enter my thinking when ranking animated films unless someone pointed it out.


My bottom list for Marvel looks like this (ranked with the worst at #1):

  1. Civil War
  2. Winter Soldier
  3. Ant-Man
  4. Iron Man 2

I guess I don’t really have five. I know everyone hates Thor 2 but my memories of it are not that bad.


My bottom list is

Thor 2
Avengers 2/Thor 1/Civil War
Avengers 1/Dr. Strange


My bottom list is

Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Incredible Hulk.

Everything else is pretty fun or interesting - those are the three I feel don’t connect.


My bottom list is

Cap 1, Avengers 2, Thor 1


Yes and you have to have that. What I find taking my kids to the movies is they can have many parts aimed at adults and that’s fine but they have to have pretty simple messages. You need a clear good and bad side, otherwise it causes confusion and lots of questions. Ambiguity doesn’t work.



Thinking about it for the first time in a long time, it’s quite tough for me. I don’t even love the Toy Story films but for the most part they work (despite kind of having a dig at we of the collector mentality in part two).

Most of these I haven’t seen more than once, so it’s hard to really say.

Despite the Randian overtones The Incredibles is there for pulling off so much superhero stuff so well
Bug’s Life
Monsters Inc.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (made me teary)
Shrek 2

I’m stumped after a top 8.


You should see Kubo.

Also, there’s a handful of animated films that are pretty adult, like Anomalisa, but they probably don’t belong on the list anyway.


Did you know how they made Anomalisa? It was a series of still images combined together to create motion.


Lion King
Spirited Away
The Incredibles
Toy Story 2
Kubo and the Two Strings
The Iron Giant
Fantastic Mr Fox

Narrowly missing out is stuff like Nemo, Inside Out, Wall-E, Dumbo, Aladdin, Coraline, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghost in the Shell, and so on.

Lego Movie would probably be in around the 30-40 range or higher for me - which I think just proves I watch a lot of cartoons.


There’s a disturbing lack of Totoro in these lists.


This is sacrilege, I know, but it’s my least favourite of his films I’ve seen.



I didn’t even like the Cat-Bus…

…(Okay, that’s a lie - the Cat-Bus was pretty cool).


There’s an even more disturbing lack of Akira, which should be number one on any animated movies list =/


I’ll admit, I prefer Spirited Away and The Wind Rises, and I was a bit let down by the relative lack of plot in Totoro, but it’s a visual masterpiece, and I totally get why it’s many people’s favourite Miyazaki.