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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


We can still make fun of the people who claim that it’s anti-business and part of the Cultural Marxist plot to destroy the free world, right?


For Christ’s sake Tom, can we go 5 minutes without you going on about how much you hate the Lego movie?


Chalk it off as me being surprised that’s possible. :smile:


Also “go buy the real LEGO sets of these one of a kind, freestyle designs from a toy shop near you, now!”

(I’m not really that bothered that they merchandised the movie, I just think it would have been more fitting and brave if the only Lego Movie branded product they offered was just big bags of random pieces).


I’m not forgetting about that, and that’s entirely my point: I’m 36, single and without kids… how are people even surprised I didn’t like this movie? :smile:


I’ll have yoy know it was perfect for me.



Honestly, it has nothing to do with you not being a child and not having kids. Well made kids movies always include elements that are aimed squarely at the adults in the audience. It’s a formula that’s been in effect ever since Disney made a comeback with Little Mermaid, a film intended mainly for children but which included tons of jokes and material for the parents they knew would be forced to tag along.

So really it just comes down to you be curmudgeon more than anything else.


Cap 1 is my least favourite Marvel movie.

I actually closed my eyes for about 10 minutes during it, just to give myself something else to do.

My wife and I couldn’t wait to leave the cinema.

It had the worst, blandest action scenes I’ve watched in any movie from the last couple of decades - it’s funny it was by the same director as the Rocketeer because it could have been filmed in that same year and it would not have made much difference. It is going to age badly.

In fact, I would watch both Man of Steel and BvS again before I re- watched Cap, that’s how boring it was. At least both those movies had some interesting moments.

Its feebleness is only beaten by Green Lantern in modern day super hero movies.

Thankfully the Winter Soldier sorted that franchise out and gave it a second chance.

Each to their own and all that, but Cap 1 gives me the heavy boak.


Agree on most if not all of your points here. I can’t even remember much of anything about cap 1, that’s how forgettable and bland it was. Steve is small, then he is big. Something about a flag pole and ingenuity. Then a plane crashes into the arctic. Or something. I really didn’t enjoy it.



If we remove First Avenger from that trilogy.


Yeah, it was jobbies.

Sorry to anyone that liked it. I just thought it was poop.


But if we get to remove a film from each then Cap is in last place again. :laughing:



Interestingly, I think Cap 2 is the best MCU movie to date.


In a world where Thor 2 exists, that’s a ,mighty strong opinion!


It’s probably top or joint top of my list.


What is the other part of that joint? Iron Man 2? Avengers?


He punched Nazis before it was cool;


And Red Skull was a MCU fan before it was cool.


Punching nazis have been cool for a looooong time though…


I don’t want to get too negative, but generally speaking In order of dislike my list goes

First Avenger
Age of Ultron
Iron Man 2
Thor 2

I probably would not watch any of those again - although I didn’t really dislike any of the bottom 3, they just really bored me for long period.
Avengers had some great moments but I zoned out massively during it - I fell asleep the first time during one of the technobabble moments and woke up to watch the last 15 mins. Thinking it was maybe just the booze (my mate and I were both pretty drunk and both fell asleep incidentally) I watched it again sober and had the same problem.

I’m reluctant to say shit like this because I don’t want to come across contrary, I know how popular Avengers is. I also can’t sit thru the Lego movie for longer than 20 mins, but I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just not my cuppa tea. I think I’d have enjoyed it more 10 years ago.