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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


Agents of SHIELD.


Repeat: There are no good superhero shows on television :slight_smile:



Seriously, Agents of SHIELD started out woeful and took a huge leap in quality near the end of series 1. It’s the platonic ideal of 80s comics in TV format.


And you complain about Friends… :smile:

AoS is still very drecky, low-tier quality. About at the same level than the CW shows, which is not saying much.

Have you seen Legion, btw? It’s the “buzz” show of the moment =P


Yeah, see the first line there means the second one can be handily ignored as incorrect.


Dammit I was just about to reply to Robert with “I agree” and you preempted me :angry:


And comics.


That’s why Cap 2 bucked the trend and is considered by most to be the best of the “part 2” Marvel movies. It’s the only sequel that wasn’t just a formulaic rehash. And the reason is, because it completely changed the setting, and therefore the tone also. The disconnect between bombastic WW2 romp and gritty Bourne-with-helicarriers is as great as the disconnect in setting and tone between Alien and Aliens, and (as Jim noted earlier) that’s what makes a sequel work.


I agree with this so much that I’m going to use imagery from a time that you understand to indicate my agreement:


I agree with this so much that I’m going to use imagery from a time that you understand to indicate my agreement:


I am genuinely moved to tears :cry:


Agreed… unfortunately it’s about the only one… The rest are fairly “by the numbers”, which is not a diss per-se since they’re still enjoyable as heck, but I think everyone can see the similarities.

I really wish the Russos buck the trend once more with IW and make Thanos the main character of the movie… That’d be a double bucking of the trend =P


They should properly buck the trend, make it a musical.


This is certainly long overdue for a dramatisation:



Ha ha I remember that ad well.


An encyclopaedic knowledge of the ads that ran in 80s comics was bound to come in handy eventually

EDIT: That said, I’d watch the shit out of a Captain America musical if Rachel Bloom did the songs.



Legion is premium tv!!


Yeah, it’s like they made a purposefully bland show for 2/3 of the season, just to really sell the shift in gears from Winter Soldier.


Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Captain America: Turn Off The Ice

Iron Man: Turn Off The Charm

Thor: Turn Off The Lightning

Black Widow: Turn Off The Sexism

Hawkeye: Turn Off