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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


It’s so easy to spell. Saying it out loud via letters and stuff is the hard part here. :confounded:


Alright, taking everything overall…

Iron Man


The first Thor is the best solo film.


It’s pronounced “mee-oh-lneer”… Darcy calls it “meew meew” =P


That’s exactly what I said. You just couldn’t hear me.

Or maybe it’s my fiddle-dee-dee (:shamrock: ) accent that’s confusing everyone including me right now.

All I know is Doctor Strange is still the best solo film. None of you are mentioning it because you’re being good and don’t want to spoil how it’s the greatest film I’ve never seen. I really am so appreciative.

Aussie Thor :heart_eyes:


Natalie Portman Thor? :confused:

I really do hope you love Strange when you see it. If you want it to be your favourite then I hope it is!


Thor with red wellies?? Yeah…no. :laughing:

I really hope I love Dr. Strange too. Iron Fist will be my new favourite telly show!

I’m going to see Logan tomorrow to cheer myself up. I hear the ending in particular is very cheerful?


Dr. Strange and Thor tie for the worst.

Well, that’s not right.
Dr. Strange is. Awful.

Thor has a good backbone, but it’s possibly the second worst first movie. Good bones nonetheless.


I absolutely hated those red wellies. I can’t even believe I noticed them but they were the final straw for me. I’m so sad that Marvel haven’t given Portman whatever she wants to come back (like her own movie and a meeeeeow-myuuul to go with it).


Dr. Strange is awful. You mean in the archaic sense of the word, right? That’s high praise coming from you. I knew it would be awesome. I didn’t dare hope it would be up near top of the graph awesome. That is reassuring.


He must still be speaking Bizarro.



Whatever, I know what I said.
It’s a really terrible movie. Front loads all splendor it has and then undercuts all of it’s tension and action with poorly loaded punchlines and slapstick.


Bizarre. I can hear you speaking, but all I hear is blah blah splendour…action…splendid. Yay!

I heard all I needed to previously with your awesome use of the word awfully-awe.


Yes, it is true, Doctor Strange is full of awe.


Awwww. I’ll have to trust you speak true since I didn’t see Doctor Strange anywhere on your graph of awe.



I honestly have no idea how I got this kind of reputation.

Well, I do, but only because it was fun to do it while also giving my honest opinions on stuff.


You lost all credibility when you started talking about Gotham like it was the best show ever to be on television.


It’s the best superhero show on television and that is the lord’s honest truth.

Nothing else comes close.