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2017 - Battle of the Blockbusters


I saw this graphic of the next year’s genre films and thought it would be a good starter foe our semi-regular conversations / predictions:

Who is going to win? The answer is Star Wars, but behind that there is a challenge for where the others may fall.


My inner 11-year-old is crying tears of joy just looking at that. A new Apes, Alien, Blade Runner, and Star Wars all in one year, even leaving the comics stuff aside. Hope even half of this list is actually good.

The answer to what will come in second after Star Wars is of course Guardians.


It’s also a year where Spidey, Wolvie, Hulk and Thor all have films.


Only Disney is strong enough to defeat Disney!


I think the safe money is there too but Spider-Man may challenge it, even his worst films did good business so if they make a great one it could be a smash.


Lots to look forward to there. I’ve kind of lost interest in the box-office-prediction games these days, but in terms of films I’m really keen to see, most of them are on my list.

Particularly looking forward to Lego Batman, the Blade Runner follow-up, Logan, Wonder Woman and Ghost in the Shell, as there’s a bit of an unknown element about them. With a lot of the others, I feel like I pretty much know what to expect.


If we’re talking box office, as I say I’m a bit uninformed these days, but I think the last two Transformers movies cleared a billion each worldwide. I wouldn’t necessarily bet against GotG’s takings outperforming Transformers 5, and in terms of quality I’m sure it’ll be much better, but the robot movie is surely the second box-office favourite after Star Wars, isn’t it?

(Also, it will be interesting to see how the Guardians sequel is received by audiences now that the Star Wars franchise is active again - will it be lifted by the renewed interest in SW, or will it suffer in comparison? Perhaps the presence of the ‘elder statesman’ SW franchise will help GotG to continue positioning itself as the cheeky upstart, although Deadpool has kind of stolen that crown lately).


It’s a fair point Dave, we do tend to ignore the TF films as they are shit but they do make a lot of money. I do expect GotG to get a second film boost as it is now a known property though, pretty much all the Marvel films have.


That’s true, although it’ll be against a higher comparator than most of the other first-films that Marvel released, as the first GoTG was such a big surprise success. If it manages to improve on the takings of the original I’m sure Disney will be very happy.


That what Marvel needs. Michael Bay!


I think I have the perfect project for him.


Don’t forget about the other Vin Diesel movie, with the cars and the white vests and The Rock. The last one of them got to $1.5b worldwide, compared to $1.1b for the last Transformers.


Yes and to be fair the graphic I shared is very nerd-centred on sci-fi, superhero and fantasy. There will be other challengers there not included.


True, I was just going by the ones in the picture.


Yeah Transformer and Furious will do well. I do think the last Furious film got the death bump that also helped Dark Knight but it will still do gangbusters.

That said I expect Guardians to beat them all and even come closer to Star Wars than people might think.


Thor 3 v Justice League will be very interesting to see.

Thor 2 was a bit bland but this one has some very interesting choices in the plot and director, I think it may be boom or bust. Hulk in an ensemble works well and adds a lot of value.

Justice League needs a vision, I think Batman v Superman was a mess of not knowing what it was trying to do. I didn’t love Man of Steel for the second half but it is a much better film as it has a clear direction.


The amount of money I’m going to be spending on Blu Rays next year is crazy. Every franchise that I’m a completist for is all hitting at once.


That doesn’t look like anything to me :open_mouth: