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2017 Anthology


Hey, I’m trying to “get on the bus before it pulls out the station”. I had to rejoin Facebook, send you a request, and am getting my pitch together…all today. Don’t leave without me?


Try and hurry Bruce, the deadline is tonight at midnight, here is a link to the group : MWORLD HORROR ANTHOLOGY PROJECT


Hi! I just send a demand on facebook and would be interested to do a sci-fi horror short if you’re still looking for artists.
Here is my art thread on this forum for you to make an idea about my work.

thanks for your consideration.


I will get back with you ASAP Sordet, we are doing our selections and I will approve your request after we have completed it. Thank you again for your interest, and stay tuned!



Hello everyone! I’ve been busy drawing for a project nurtured here in the forums by the great @George0, hence I haven’t been really around for at least 3 months. The project is an horror anthology and we have seen progress on scripts, from which we have selected 10, having 5 pages each. Right now, the stage we are on is illustrating 6 of those stories -here’s the trick- but we haven’t found artists for the remaining 4. Soooo… you know what’s coming and yes, nobody is getting paid. The anthology must get done first in order to be pitched to any publisher. WHEN it gets done, and IF any publisher wants it, we’ll go equal shares. Again, if you are reading this and you consider yourself an artist willing to keep learning and you want to flex, please step up. We will appreciate any contribution to this love project of us. Thanks in advance.

Facundo Wilgenhoff

P.S.: I will leave some sample pages below for you to understand the passion we have for this project. For a start, the first 3 pages from Strange Beast -minus the lettering- by @csawyer and me.


Some more, now from Tough Choice by Rob Brooks and Kevin Acklin. Here are a pair of sketches from the characters’ design.

Are you a comic artist?

Here’s a look at another of the stories for this project.

The Hollows pages 1 & 2
script: Warren Belfield
art: Kaskajo


Another two from Echoes by @bspyle85 and @renanbalmonte

Are you a comic artist?

Greetings. Just jumped back on the forums and saw you’re still looking for artists for 5 page sequential work? I just submitted a request to join your FB group. If that’s still the case, I’d like to offer to help out. Here’s my deviant art gallery, although I don’t have a lot of sequential work posted right now. Been working on writing and thumbnailing some of my own stories. So far only really comfortible doing pencils, although I did just attend a local comic book artists group meeting last night for a talk about Manga Studio/Clip Studio, which I have.

Good luck. Will continue to follow this thread and wish you guys the best!