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2017 Anthology


Is this anthology still accepting writer submissions?


yup… I think writers should submit by jan. 10.


Hey! This is a really cool project :smiley: We’d love to participate with either a cover or artwork for a story.

This is our Millarworld submission: Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread

Our Deviantart also has a lot of different stuff:

And you can check out our webcomic if you’d like:

This is a bit of horror from our webcomic as a sample, since that’s the theme :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Dalia and Sam


@George0 Not sure if you’re still accepting artist here but in case you need an extra hand, hit me up! :slight_smile:
Here’s some sample.

Sample page with colors I submitted for the Annual (didnt get selected though :sob: ). I could ink (digital) and color my own work, if that interest you.

Some panels from pages commission I’ve done last year.

Here’s a last one.


I’m probably lacking the context that this page works in, but I got a good chuckle out of imagining Alan Moore driving an Oldsmobile on back roads looking at your third sample here.

Fun stuff.


That Moore page reminds me a lot of Arthur Ranson which is extremely high praise indeed,


If you need a colourist for this project then let me know. I’ve coloured 4 indie comics so far. You can see some of my work here



That last page looks familiar, and really, really good. You ought to be snapped up in some project for sure. If you were to become desperate enough, I’d even burden you with more of my work.


Thank you sir. Yes its from your script but as of now I finished just 2 pages and the remaining 7 are in thumbnail stage. Still arguing with myself for the remaining pages as to how I would do the panels. I plan on posting it here once its finish for everyone to critic my work so I’ll know what area I should improve in terms of artwork.


Lol. Yeah I tried to research what car Moore’s using and I came up empty. Anyway I thought it doesn’t matter as I’m just trying out some idea that pop in my head. This is some sort of experimental. Its from Youngduke 9-page script that he entered on write-off 4. Might post it here on MW once its finish to get some critic from magnificent artist here. And writers too, if they like to do so.


It’s a really good page. I hadn’t read YoungDuke’s script I’ll have to search it out. (I keep telling myself I need to jump in on the write-offs but my schedule has kept me away from them thus far)

The reason I said Oldsmobile is because the car on your page reminds me of a Delta 88, specifically the model that shows up in all of Sam Raimi’s movies (Evil Dead/Army of Darkness and Spiderman in particular)


I don’t think they ever had Oldsmobiles in the UK. I’ve only heard of them through fiction from the US but I’m kind of doubtful Moore even drives a car at all, it doesn’t sound his style and he likes staying at home. Not that it matters at all for the quality of the page :smile:


Having read a few Moore biographies I can confirm that it’s fairly well known that he owns a Pontiac Firebird and can be found most weekends doing donuts in and around Northampton town centre.


Blown away! :open_mouth:

I love these pages. You must have been on the short shortlist.


Thank you for that info bit @DaveWallace. I could still redraw the cars on the pages (which is 90% of the script. Lol). I have just finished only 2 pages as of now so i think its a good thing i post it here. Thanks again!


Thanks @DrewEricsson!


HI George,
I’d rather not post my work on the Facebook group. Do you have an email address I can send my pitch to?


I can understand your concern, but this is a group project in a secret group and we have to trust each other. This is going to be a group effort and so we would require that you post your pitch in the group, if selected, later you would also post your script too. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable with, I am sorry but that is what we are doing. Thank you for your interest, and if you do decide to post in the group, please hurry, the deadline for pitches is January 10, 2017.


Very cool artwork! Please follow the link to our Facebook group page:


First update post!!! The deadline for the pitch submission is coming fast, January 10,2017 and we have a lot of great looking pitches! I am truly happy that Millarworld has given me the chance to meet and collaborate with so many creative and talented people!!! More updates coming soon!