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2017 Anthology


I’ll email you some stuff I’m working on but in the meantime here is link to a six page ghost story I did for my portfolio at the beginning of the year.

@pbarb82 and I are also planning to work on an 8ish page horror short that he is writing and I am drawing. I think it would work great for this if he is interested in participating but I don’t think we could get it down to 5 pages if the limit is strict.


Do you also illustrate, Stu?


Hello everyone. Thank you all so much for your interest. So no more waiting. The working title is “Whispers in the Dark”, it will be a horror anthology (this means anything that falls into that category). We are aiming for 10 five page stories for a total of 50 pages of story. I have not been able to find a way to lock this group. We continue getting interested parties, but we only have so many slots. We have a lot of interested writers and a lot fewer illustrators. Writers and writer/artists create a paragraph or less pitch for the story you want to produce (5page story). The deadline for pitches is January 10th. Once all pitches have been submitted, myself and the illustrators will determine which 10 will be selected. Not everyone will be selected. I don’t want to disappoint people starting the new year, but this what we are going to do. I would recommend not only submitting a pitch but completing the story asap. Regardless of if it is selected or not, you will have a completed script ready to go for future projects and assuming this is a success, we can always create another horror anthology, but, for this anthology there will be 10 stories with a writer and artist for each 5page story. If you have questions or concerns. please let me know. Thanks everyone.


This is the cut off for writing submissions. Thank you for your interest but we have a lot of interested creators, if you can illustrate, letter or color, let me know, but we have all of the writers we need at this time.
Thank you,


Just a humble writer


Hi Stu, if you have a pitch for a 5page horror script, the deadline to submit the pitch will be Jan 10th. Don’t post any scripts yet, we can’t change the group to private. Thank you.


I got the email, this was a very cool story, with excellent artwork, pacing and conclusion. If you have a 5 page horror story please submit the pitch for it, (also let me know if it is completed or not) don’t post it on the group because I can’t change it to private. Thank you.


BigWilly, thank you for your interest, if you have a pitch for a 5 page horror script please post the pitch only and if the story is completed or still needs to be written. Pitch deadline is Jan 10th. Also please read the entire thread for all info about the project. Also, let me know what your skill sets are. Thank you.


There is no specific horror stories genre/subgroup, I would like the anthology to include a variety of horror, so hopefully not too many zombie stories (I love zombies but there is an over saturation of zombie comics) I would like for us to do something unique. Please see my post about submitting a pitch for your 5 page horror story by January 10th, and also if the story is complete or not. Thank you, Wilgenhoff.


Thank you for your interest, SwansAreDead, for the duration of the project we are trying to produce the work, if there is money, it will come later if the project is accepted by a publisher. Please see my post about submitting a pitch, the deadline for 5page story pitch is Jan 10th. Thank you.


I may create a secret Facebook group for us, does everyone have a Facebook account?


I’m more a fantasy-sci-fy writer, but I’ll see what I can do.


Hey George, what you see on my website is what I got for the moment (I’m working hard at developing my GEE Comics foundation; not easy!). Hopefully you can make one of the completed stories work. I really like the Day 1 story for this anthology, which suits the horror genre you’re looking for except it’s 10 pages, not including cover. The artist and I met on Millarworld last year and continue to work together to this day.



Yes (and if someone doesn’t - they can create one, I’m sure. :slight_smile: )


Thanks, @George0. I feel like I’m starting to be a pain in the as- but since I joined the forum I have been truly excited to create a comic like I wasn’t for so many years and I want to try my best. There is so much talent here… On the question note, I want to know if any creator can send as many pitches as come up with or is it only intended to be one per- I believe it would be exhausting to review many from each, but on the other hand that could help to improve the overall quality. What do you think?


Hey @George0,

Well done on getting this going. I’m going to sit this one out as I’m not a horror fan and will be working on the second volume of my Impossible Tales anthology with some collaborators from the forum.

But am very excited to see what you guys come up with.




The “Spores” pages I sent you would be my 5 page pitch as a writer/artist, I can write a script if that’s what you need? Also, I am totally open to just participating as an artist since you’ve mentioned there is an abundance of writers in need of collaboration. I’d love to see people’s scripts and pick one I’d like to draw but I’m not sure how you plan to coordinate that.


Here is the closed Facebook group I’ve created. If you can’t join it, let me know and I will add you.


Hey everybody, hope all of you are well. I am working on my pitch and story and other creative stuff. Some of y’all have migrated over, those of y’all who have not and still wish to participate, please follow the link in the above post. This group will be for us to post updates, but the main work will have to be done on the Facebook group because it allows us to have privacy and no upload file size limit. If you all have questions or concerns please let me know.


Thank you for setting that up @George0