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2017 Anthology


The only thing I need to start is a good short script, but I want something new and interesting to create all of the characters and pages. If somebody here have something like that with four or six pages, I think is a good way to start. With the script in hands, I hope to design the concept soon. My goal is finish january with the result of this experience done.
My contact is:
If you want to talk about this by e-mail, please don’t forget the subject.
Waiting for a partner.


This sounds great. As I said, I’m in. I have a question though. Is there a central theme for the comic or can we just compile different stories that don’t necessarily follow a common theme?


Thank you so much for your insights Jim, I want this to happen. There is a lot of talent here and momentum. I would love to see what your crowdfunding campaign looked like, may I ask for a link or screen shots of it? May I also ask what was your timeframe from start to finish. (Specifically what was your goal timeframe vs the actual timeframe of completion). What were your official deadlines? What was the specs for your anthology? How many stories? How long were the stories? What was the total page count? When you actually printed, what printer do your team go with? After the KS was over, what outlets did you have the anthology available on? Both digitally and in print? Did you already have a publisher before starting or did your group submit the completed work to publishers afterwards? Thank you, Jim and sorry for so many questions.


I would be more than interested. I wrote a script for the competition, and have a couple of ideas knocking around that I could maybe pull out be it more science fiction, or horror (or both).

If you would like to see some of my portfolio please drop me an email:

Also yay for collaboration :smiley:


I would be very interested in being a part of this. I have self-published comics for a few years under the company name Enemy Transmission and had to coordinate deadlines and so on with the various artists and letterers and colorists. I write and have more experience in superheroes but horror would be fun to do too.


I am very inerested. I’ve only been seriously writing for about a year now and I submitted a script for the contest. I am comfortable with any genre. I work a lot, but my free time is pretty much devoted to writing.


Hi George.

Let’s see:

I gave about a month for people to volunteer to take part. Then the writers had a month to finish their script and the artists had 2 months to finish. No-one had more than 5 pages. We did 18 different stories in all, and the final book was 52 pages.

We printed with KaBlam as I said, and we didn’t have a Kickstarter (this was in 2010). We sold the books by people on here ordering copies, either to sell to friends, have some local stores sell, samples to hand out at conventions and some for souvenirs.

We didn’t sell digitally as again this was 2010 and it wasn’t easy to do so back then. Today you could probably upload it through Comixology. I’ll warn you now, if there’s any money brought in everyone will be wanting their piece and we had 36 different creators involved. Best to avoid any money and just make it for free.


My name is Nico. I am a writer.
This is my second time competing in the talent hunt.
I would love to be part of this Anthology.
My Email:

Thank you,


Very keen to contribute. Writer from Australia here.

You can see some of my published and self published stuff at




Do you have a 5 pager horror script that you’ve written and illustrated? Go ahead and send it to my email:

Also, are you willing to illustrate another creator’s story?


Oh my god, where has my life gone? :anguished:


Hi George,

I’m very interested in this. I’m a British Comic Awards nominated writer from the UK and I’ve worked with such publishers as Insane Comics and WP Comics and have had work appear in such publications as FutureQuake and The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel. I also had a successfully funded kickstarter campaign earlier this year, so I understand that these things are har d work but can be achieved.

Anyway, I’d love to be a part of it.


Hi Stu, I think we are Facebook friends and I have also seen your work promoted on the Insane Comics group page. Thank you for your interest, right now, do you have any 5page horror/sci-fi horror stories ready to go (for illustration)?


Hi everyone, the theme we are going with is horror (can include sci-fi horror) I think for now a good working title for the anthology can be “Whispers in the Darkness”. (I did a google search and didn’t see it already taken). I think we should aim to do a fifty pager, comprised of 10 five page stories each. If you already have something ready to go that is good, you can send it to my email or post in the group. We also have an abundance of writers and not so many illustrators, therefore, we not all stories will make it in this product, we will have to determine which are selected and which are not amongst ourselves. Is there a way to lock this group so only we can view the contents? Thank you everyone for your patience.


Are you looking for just scripts?



That’s a pretty good theme. We could do it write off style where people from the forum vote. Should we exempt the entrants from voting? Also, we will need a deadline. :smile:


Hi George, I also have experience in the small press, having had publications/acceptances at Sliced Quarterly, Zarjaz, FutureQuake and 100% Biodegradable among others. I’d be very happy to contribute a script towards your anthology.

I think the model of Sliced Quarterly – – is ideal for this sort of project. It takes the web comic-y approach of digitally publishing for free, and then crowdfunding a physical book/collection. This might not be suitable if you’re looking to provide payment to everybody, but it’s a great way to create a platform and have work out there.

Look forward to seeing how this project develops and, hopefully, contributing something!


I’m interested in this. Writer from Italy here.

I think Jim is right: the project needs to stay firmly away from money.


Sorry to be late to ask, but by ‘horror’ you mean the common denomination of the genre -terror with a fantastic element- or is it wide open on any class of terror? Also, can we start locking up the people who is truly commited to develop work? I mean, I’m ready, man! I might also try to write something and send it to you. Maybe we could do some Giffen-DeMatteis, meaning plot and dialog. Are you willling to do something like that? Is there someone else?


Hey all, thanks to Millarworld, I have been steadily building a foundation of work with several creators the past couple years That I met here. I did not read the entire thread here, but I’d be happy to offer up a short story for any anthology you come up with as a way to give back. In fact, you can read several of them for free here: Some shorts are getting developed into GN’s for Kickstarter campaigns, but I’m very flexible sharing the work from the link provided. Cheers!