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2017 Anthology

Hi everyone, my name is George. I have entered this contest twice. I am a comic writer and Youtuber, I have had work published by small press. There is a lot of talent here. We have all given our time and effort to produce work for this awesome talent search, that was an effort we took on knowing only twelve creators would be selected. What I am proposing is that those who wish to, we should pool our creative resources and collaborate to create a comic anthology. I would like for it to be super-hero or horror themed anthology, but if there are others who are interested, let me know what you are interested in doing. I want to start this ASAP, if we can get a Kickstarter/IndieGogo off the ground in February or March with a goal to fulfill in May/June, we will need to act quickly. If you respond to this post, let me know your strengths/skills and also what type of anthology you want to do as well as current commitments and workloads (are you already on several other projects, are you working non stop overtime). I also asked if this is something that could disqualify us from entering next year’s Millarworld Talent Search, potentially, it is. If this project were to be a massive success, or even picked up by a major publisher, we would be disqualified, but if not, then we will have a published a body of work that can be show to potential employers.
Also, if you want to see what kind of YouTube content I produce, here is a link to my channel.

Thanks everyone,


I’m excited people are open to doing this, what a cool opportunity to utilize the talent here. I have some logistical questions.

I assume you will be serving as editor and also oversee the funding, printing and publishing? I’m assuming contributers would receive royalties from profits based on percentage of pages if this was released for sale in print or digital? Also I assume creators retain full ownership and copyright of their work?

What is your target page length for the anthology and how many stories and pages per would that break down to? All ages or “R rated”?

I’ve got several horror shorts I’ve written and drawn in the 4 to 8 page length. Also would be interested in trying to do something involving superheroes. Willing to collaborate as either writer or artist as well. Check out some examples of pages here


I just want to point out something that I don’t even know if applies here (because I’m not from the US), but I see a lot in my country:

It will not be better if instead of chase publication and some spare money between the participants, we make the anthology digital and take advantage of the great audience that this forum will provide?

I mean, maybe a kickstarter will only delay the distribution and limit our reach, we maybe get a lot more people reading our material if we just post it here. And if we do a great job with the stories, maybe people will have a good reason to fund us in a future second edition.

I think that get seen is the most important thing right now, but whatever will be decided I would like to join in and write a story for the anthology (superhero, terror or any other theme).

Really hope this works :smiley:


I would love to participate. I entered the contest as a writer, and I would love for the anthology to be horror themed. I work full time but I could easily get a 5-10 page story out in the next month or so.


I might want to try something superhero-related.

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I’m interested as a writer. Also, there is this anthology going on. ‘Impossible Tales’ Anthology - (On Sale Now!!)


Agree that digital is probably better initially, and certainly cheaper except for the possible cost of a website (although there are free alternatives). I read Jason Brubaker’s book “Unnatural Talent” among others, and I think the best suggestion is to build up a fanbase by showing people digital content. Plus, having all the pages finished and ready for publishing will make crowd-sourcing for physical books that much more likely to succeed. I’ve Kickstarted several comic books, and clearly remember the three that failed to meet deadlines for publication, and they’ll have that hanging over their heads forever if they were to try to break into the mainstream comic book industry.

The only thing is colorists will have to be very careful to save their files – they have to be formatted for RBG for computer screens, but will need to be reformatted into CYMK for printing.

Look forward to following this thread. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do all this myself, so learning as a group will make it much easier to do my own work eventually.


Thank you for suggesting this project. I am extremely excited to participate, and am interested in both horror and superhero tales. My skills involve comic book writing, and my workload is fairly substantial at the moment between my full-time employment, school, and an internship. I would love to write a short story for this anthology.

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Hey, I think it’s a great idea. I’d definitely submit if you’re thinking of taking writer-only submissions and teaming them up with artists, similar to the millarworld contest. I would lean towards horror-themed, but would be interested in super heroes as well. Same questions as RtRadke though–all ages or R rated? I assume horror would be at least Mature, but even my super hero stuff tends to run that route…

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Hello everyone, thank you all for your interest. There were some concerns that were brought forward that I feel are critical. I am not a publisher. I have experience on two failed Kickstarters, but I do not have the logistical knowledge of payments and royalties and such. It is a fair but paralyzing concern. I literally lost my creative flow thinking about these matters. They are very important but also stunt the momentum of a creator. I wish I knew more so I could confidently address those concerns, but I don’t, so those of you who wish to move forward will have to make a choice. Either we come together and produce the work, complete an anthology and submit it to publishers once we’re done, or we halt and address all logistical concerns before proceeding.
I have been submitting work for the past two years to projects that never came to fruition. I want to get work out there, and if it means doing more spec work I can live with that. What we did for the talent contest was spec work with the hope of selection. I want to get more work out there. If there are others who feel the same, I would like to stay the course, produce the work and focus on getting it out there. This is especially critical for artists to consider because art is very time consuming and if they get paid work that mostly will become the priority over our spec anthology. Daniniel and ubermgenschi suggested a digital project only. It is a good idea, but digital is always a byproduct of these projects, so I personally would like to pursue a print once the work is done, but digital only is a good idea that should be on the table. As for the subject matter. Some of the writer/artists have completed stories, I also have completed scripts waiting for an illustrator. And it seems the majority want horror themed. So I think, we should try and do both. If the horror anthology is a success, let’s aim to work on a superhero themed one next. As for logistics, we have writers and some artists but what else? Any letterers, inkers, colorists? Anyone part of a successful or unsuccessful comic crowdfunding campaign? I know this is a hard choice, you will most likely wonder if you can trust someone you’ve never met. I feel that for those who would like to move forward, if we pull this off, we will have a team that can pull off any comic endeavor we choose going forward. Let me know what you all think.


Awesome! I would go with digital-first-horror and then crowfund a superhero! I’m very commited to other things, but I feel the same as you do. I want to work and publish. If that means don’t sleep at all, fine I have done it to go out on parties in my 20’s, and that didn’t gave me anything. Let’s roll, baby!

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To be clear, I didn’t mean digital only. Just digital first so people can get interested in it, and to show that we have finished work ready for publication. The colors should be saved so they can be converted to print afterward.

Just gotta keep trying and creating!

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A few years ago I did what you’re doing George, I organized an anthology through the forum. We didn’t have Kickstarter then so we did it simply to create something together. About 30 participants took part, from single page strips to multiple pages. Here’s my recommendations:

  1. You need a strong central leader. If you want to be the leader that’s great, but it will be a huge amount of time. So you need to be prepared for that.

  2. You need to organize a list of prospective writers, and a list of prospective artists. You should receive and review pitches. You should pair up collaborators. And you should act as an editor at the script page and the drawing pages.

  3. You’ll need to find a letterer too. someone prepared to put in lots of hours. So artists are happy to do this themselves - software makes it easier these days.

  4. You don’t need a Kickstarter to do this. In fact you should put together the book and then solicit on Kickstarter if you want to run a print run and allow others to sell it. There are lots of comic kickstarters so you should look at the ones that do well and study why they were successful.

  5. It’s perfectly fine to use this forum to organize everything, just be aware that you’re asking others to trust in you and you’re signing up to do alot of work, so be ready for that.

  6. A printed comic highlighting your work is a good idea. Around 5-6 of the people who took part in my anthology ended up getting various jobs in comics. Having something in print helps with pitches and there’s nothing like working and seeing something come off it. That’s why I don’t think you should rely on the Kickstarter. Leave money out of it and have everyone work for the goal of having something in print.

  7. I’d recommend just digital printing through Ka-Blam. You won’t be selling many copies (we sold round 700 copies I think). Selling the finished product on Kickstarter is a better way to get people pledging (rather than the promise of something that might be made in the future).

  8. This won’t make you ineligible for the Millarworld annual.

  9. You will most likely have more writers than artists. Some folks will not do the work they say they’re going to do. So plan ahead and give strong deadlines and be aware some people will flake out. It’s nothing to get annoyed with - life can simply get in the way.

  10. I’ll reiterate my first point. If you want this to work you need a strong central leader and it’ll take a large amount of your time. So be prepared for what you’re getting into.

Best of luck!


Thank you so much for your insights Jim, I want this to happen. There is a lot of talent here and momentum. I would love to see what your crowdfunding campaign looked like, may I ask for a link or screen shots of it? May I also ask what was your timeframe from start to finish. (Specifically what was your goal timeframe vs the actual timeframe of completion). What were your official deadlines? What was the specs for your anthology? How many stories? How long were the stories? What was the total page count? When you actually printed, what printer do your team go with? After the KS was over, what outlets did you have the anthology available on? Both digitally and in print? Did you already have a publisher before starting or did your group submit the completed work to publishers afterwards? Thank you, Jim and sorry for so many questions.

Thank you, ubermgenschi, I knew what you meant, digital first is a great idea, thank you for your suggestion.

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Depending on how schedules line up, I could possibly be interested. I’ve had the most luck working as a one man team in the past. But could be up for working on a team as a writer, artist, or letterer even.

I have a thread I really need to update here with some finished comics as well as sketches etc. To give you an idea of where I’m at.

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Also, George, I’m an illustrator who can (poorly) write. You can see some of my art on Twitter at Wilgenhofff

I’m in. I want someone to write and help-me to do a quick history that can be used to show my work and improve my skills. The goal is more important now than the money. It’s an opportunity to work with others and develop a metod of work and get some knowledge of publishing. We can start digital and, if we succed then can try print.
I have all the january month to do it. After january 30 I will be probably back to my regular work and time will be a problem.
I can do one page with inks and colors per thwo or three days, depending on the complexity.
Terror or heroic theme, doesent matter to me, only give-me a good short script and let’s go. Someone ready to start?

Some Samples of my work:

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Hey @George0, I would be very interested in @Jim’s version of this, if there is need for another writer. I am open to any genre. Thanks!!

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I’m glad to see that this is working :slight_smile:

Hope to write something for this as soon as possible. Guess the horror theme is almost chosen for the anthology, right? I’m cool with that :B

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