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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Or a reference to Kenny Who



I did actually consider this, for the simple reason that I felt it was too refined to be someone’s second script - not for having figured it out the way you have.

Wait and see it being someone I have been really critical of in the past :grinning:


Credit where its due, I like the fact 2000AD are trying something new with the Megazines bagged trade. I was very much looking forward to reading the translated Operation Overlord, something I’d never heard of before but that they were bigging up on the podcast. Unfortunately theres a fairly major printing error in it.

The right hand page should have US Paratroopers storming a church. What it actually shows is the first page from the book in its place. Poor show and something that should never have made it to print.


I buy it digitally, I wonder if the error is there and if they’ll fix it with a new version. I’ll check tomorrow.

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Didn’t see this coming.

Will be interesting to see how it’s received.


I remember Buster, but I don’t think I ever read it, aside from flicking through it in the newsagents and not getting it.


I went thru a couple of years phase with Buster weekly and annuals, but but I think I only ever had 1 Cor annual or special.

I wonder if I have any of these in my mum’s loft

I’ve got a feeling they’ve been turned out along with some other stuff I’ve been feeling nostalgic about recently; Nipper, Beano libraries. All my commandos and starblazers etc

Think I still have some of my Action, Victor, Hotspur etc

But I get the feeling most of it’s been chucked out by aunties or my mum.

I’m up for this special, although trying to recapture this stuff without the original creators is difficult


I think I used to read it as a kid along with the Beano, Dandy and Whizzer and Chips while I was waiting to get my hair cut.

(I had forgotten that the last one there merged with Buster in the end.)


I’d never seen a copy of Starblazer until recently (my sister bought a handful for me for Xmas):

I still occasionally buy Commando. Usually if there’s a weird / interesting sounding story (one of the last issues I bought featured a viking ghost) or an Ian Kennedy cover.


I tracked down loads of Starblazers a few years ago to read the stories that Grant Morrison wrote for them - some of his first published work.


Did he write? I seem to remember reading he did art for them.

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I think he did a little of both, on different stories.

For example, I think that first one I posted is both written and drawn by him, uncredited.

There’s more information here:


Geoff Seniors first work was in Starblazer as well.


He wrote a few. I remember him saying he got paid 10 quid a story. DC Thompson are renowned for being tight as a gnat’s chuff.

It reminds me of one of the Thrillcasts a few months back with one of the old timers, I think it was probably Kelvin Gosnell, saying that in the 70s for IPC he was paid loads of money on editorial. He left an advertising job to earn more in comics. You almost never hear that, it’s almost always that it’s all done for love and poverty wages.

I suspect the company was making loads in those days, the magazines were selling millions and they had their head office taking up most of an office tower in central London.

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Articles about Starblazer and StarLord in latest issue of ComicScene - on sale in shops until 20th Feb.
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Interesting. I’ve enjoyed the Scarlet Traces comics.

[quote]Coming this September from Rebellion Publishing: a brand new collection of prose short stories from the world of Ian Edginton and D’Israeli’s ‘Scarlet Traces’, all set after the events of HG Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’!

It is the dawn of the twentieth century. Following the Martians’ failed invasion of Earth, the British Empire has seized their technology and unlocked its secrets for themselves, rolling out new machines and ever more deadly weapons in their quest for dominance…

Editor Ian Edginton presents Scarlet Traces: A War of the Worlds Anthology, a rich anthology of new stories about imperialism and corruption featuring stories by Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts, James Lovegrove, Emma Beeby and many more![/quote]


Oh, that does look good.


I think that even if you tried to publish a compilation of prose stories based on a HG Wells book and didn’t commission Stephen Baxter to do something for it, when you published the book you’d find a story of his in there anyway.

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